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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Situated in the small, rural village of Wheldrake the Preschool is run from the local village hall by a small team of qualified, dedicated and hardworking staff. It offers education and care for up to 26 children per day, aged between two and a half and five years. The aim is to encourage children to be able to take their first steps to independence within their own peer group, whilst helping to prepare them for school and the wider world. The aforementioned goals are undertaken in a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment.

Being a registered charity there are two main sources of income, namely the fees paid by parents and those obtained from fundraising events. Fees are levied to cover the necessities such as rent, salaries and insurance but not activities and equipment. As such fundraising events which have been organised by a small committee of parents, and donations are vital in maintaining a variety and good quality of apparatus for the children.

In June 2018 Wheldrake Preschool was graded by Ofsted as Good with an Outstanding element in Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. This was a huge, and well deserved accomplishment for the preschool and the wider community. To help us further progress, Ofsted commented that the setting would benefit from using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Thanks to sponsorship from local businesses new software and tablets have been purchased to enable practitioners to record the children’s learning and liaise with parents. However, there remains a lack of ICT provisions for the children.

Having relied on the local community and goodwill of village businesses, we are now hoping to be fortunate enough to receive an Aviva Community Fund Award, to help enhance the children’s ICT learning and development. The synergy between computers and communication devices is now a large part of the modern world and is one of the reasons why it is essential to allow preschool children to access such practises.

Should we be lucky enough to secure the funding we would be looking to invest in a range of ICT goods that break away from the traditional forms which children may have access to at home. Illuminated mark making boards, mobile phone walkie talkies, remote control easi-cars, talking wrist recorders, light boxes and blow on/off candles are what have been identified as most beneficial pieces of equipment to the children in our setting.

The arrival of said equipment would have umpteen immediate benefits for children whilst providing them with the life skills required for later in their education and beyond. Advantages to the pre-schoolers of engaging with the ‘ICT toys’ listed include encouraging them to explore mathematical concepts, shape, colour, literacy, technological control, language development, communication skills and self- expression. The colourful and playful nature of the equipment makes it visually stimulating, thus helping to engage and inspire their young minds. The majority of the goods can be used in group practises which will draw on the children’s social and interpersonal skills at the same time as provoking imaginative play.

Any financial help provided would be hugely appreciated and beneficial not only to the children currently attending Wheldrake Preschool and Playgroup but for those starting in future years.

Thank you for taking the time to read our application, we hope we have the opportunity to make this happen for our Pre-school.

Wheldrake Preschool Playgroup and Toddlers

Moment of Pride

The outstanding work delivered by staff is second to none, their commitment to the children is exceptional and makes us very proud. Not only do they work to this high standard during their contracted hours, but they donate their own time to partake in fundraising, aimed at further improving the faci

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