Funding level: Up to £1,000


We would really like people to vote for us because we are a small community organisation with no current access to any financial support. We have established a successful online community group via social media which is proving very successful, but we are very aware that we are excluding a large demographic of our community, particularly the older and those who don't have access to social media sites.

We would like to request funding to support the design and printing of a community newsletter which we will hand deliver to every house on our estate up to 4 times a year. We have calculated that an award of up to 1000 pounds would support this initiative for the next 3 years.

We feel reaching out to our whole community will really enhance the experience of everyone who lives here. The aim of our community group is to encourage all residents who live here to develop neighbourly relationships with people they may not have found it easy to get to know otherwise. We have already organised a community led litter pick and a royal wedding picnic which were reasonably well attended. We also have access to an edible forest or permaculture reserve which is located on a part of our estate and has grown in size and strength over time. Unfortunately due to the low number of users this wonderful site is currently at risk of closure so the issuing of a newsletter will be an opportunity to promote the site and boost the number of users to retain the space for generations to come. With support from our local authority neighbourhood teams and ward councillors we are hoping to continue to improve the environment we live in and get more residents engaged in working together to build a stronger safer community we can all be proud of. With an award from yourselves we will be able to reach out to the whole community and ensure every one of our neighbours has an opportunity to join in and play their part.

What makes me proud of this organisation is the commitment and support we have built up so far among our current members and supporters. It’s all to easy in this day and age to assume that the days of community spirit and watching out for your neighbour are a thing of yesteryear, but there have been some wonderful examples of people really wanting to come together and care for and support each other. We really need to get this message out there now to the wider community via this quarterly newsletter.

Sunray Community

Moment of Pride

As stated above the amazing commitment and support built up already and the wonderful examples of people really wanting to come together and care for each other and our local environment. The support we have achieved so far has been really motivating and heart-warming.

Location: Meadway, Surbiton, UK