Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The 11th Gloucester Hucclecote Scout Group is long established in the local community having existed for 90 years. As well as benefiting young people aged 6-18 years old we offer adults drawn from our community, including parent helpers, the opportunity to use their skills, experience and enthusiasm to inspire our young people and help them obtain skills for life. We currently have a youth membership of around 120 and accept all ethnic backgrounds, gender and religion.

This September we welcomed Buttons Explorers Playgroup to our premises. They were pleased to secure our premises for their Playgroup which was necessary as a result of a local setting closing. A Tai Chi and Kung Fu Group also holds sessions in our hall. At the weekend we offer our main hall for children’s parties, so alongside our scouting activities we are very much part of the local community. Our pioneering bridge is always a welcome addition to the local Hucclecote fete and all the children love it.

Space heating provision to our main hall is currently supplied by seven 1.5kW electric halogen heaters which are slow to heat up the hall to a comfortable level during winter. We now have a Playgroup using our premises during the day and so having an efficient heating system is even more important. Earlier in the year we commissioned a heating survey which determined that the site could benefit from a heating technology known as air to air heat pumps. The system utilises low grade heat in the external air and upgrades it to heat a building. For every unit of electricity these units consume, they give out 2 to 3 units of heat and so would be 2 to 3 times more cost effective than the existing heating on site.

Making an investment in this renewable heat technology will not only improve the comfort levels in our premises for all users but also reduce our carbon footprint considerably.

We invite all scouts past and present and their families and friends as well as those families connected to Button Explorers Playgroup and the local community to support this funding bid for our renewable heat project.

11th Gloucester Hucclecote Scout Group

Moment of Pride

It is great to have such an enthusiastic team of leaders and volunteers who engage with our young people providing them with skills for life. Our committee is determined to bring our scout premises up to date and fit for purpose for the future by having a renewable heat system installed.

Location: Deer Park Road, Hucclecote, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK


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