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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Who are we?

Blackburn Junior Hawks Ice Hockey Club is an ice hockey club for young people; where we teach ice hockey skills to young people, from as young as five up to 20s.

In association with Blackburn Ice Rink, we run a development programme for those just starting out, as well as competitive teams.

What is Ice Hockey?

Ice hockey is an exciting and fast-paced team sport. It is a competitive game, which teaches quick-thinking, concentration, teamwork and cooperation, and leadership. We believe ice hockey fosters a positive approach to learning and life and encourages the best in a child.

Why should we be considered for a Grant?

Our club is in Blackburn which is an area that is identified as one of the most ‘vulnerable’ in Lancashire, combined with this, it also has very high concentrations of young people.

We believe that sport should be accessible to all and that ice hockey is a game that can teach a child a lot more than just how to skate. Ice hockey demands a committed work ethic and a willingness to learn new skills. Ice hockey is fantastic for health and wellbeing, keeping hearts healthy and young people fit. Studies have indicated that young people play ice hockey for the sense of belonging and friendship it gives them, the satisfaction of achievement, and the self-confidence that success can bring. We think it is important in a time of unrelenting negativity in the media about young people and their prospects, to offer young people something that is so positive and, well, just fun!

We currently have a membership of 60 Children in ages ranging from 8 years old to 19 years old. We want to improve this membership but unfortunately, Ice Hockey is still a minority sport within the UK (although it is becoming more popular). The main reason for lack of players is the cost that is associated with Ice Hockey in relation to other sports. The costs that are attributed to ice hockey can become too much for people to cope with on low income, therefore, it limits our club to only being accessible to those that can afford it. We want to combat this as we feel it should be accessible to all who want to come and play.

We are looking to raise money to purchase home and away jerseys for new players to use so that they can participate in games with the current players. The jerseys cost around £70 for both home and away kit and with 16 children per team the expense can become too much to have spare jerseys on hand. Spare jerseys will ensure that players can play without having the initial expense of getting the team kit. We also over the last 12 months have collected an amount of protective equipment that children can utilise so that they don't have to buy equipment in the beginning stages and therefore after learning to ice skate they can be included in the team environment quickly.

Blackburn Junior Hawks Ice Hockey Ltd

Moment of Pride

We are like a family. We provide a fun and safe environment for children to do a sport that not only helps them to keep fit but provides discipline and encourages learning on and off the ice.

Location: Blackburn