Funding level: Up to £1,000


FOLS would like to purchase a Wooden Pergola with seating for the School Field.

Lunsford Primary School is a small 1 form entry school with 210 pupils aged 4-11.

We have an enthusiastic number of parents who give their time to help run “Friends of Lunsford School” (FOLS). Each year FOLS do what they can to raise additional funds for the children at the school. This summer we had a great summer fair attended by children, staff, parents and people in the local community. FOLS also hold a Christmas Fair, Quiz nights, arrange Mother's Day events and get involved with helping to raise money for other charities such as MacMillan and Children in Need.

Some of the funds raised during the last academic year were used towards purchasing a new Activity Trim Trail for the School Field which the children have loved playing on. We also used funds to help improve the outside playground environment and purchase equipment for the forest school which we helped to set up.

Following the installation of the Trim Trail, the Children, Dinner ladies and Teachers have pointed out that there is nowhere on the School field for the children to sit either at break or lunch times. Especially somewhere in the shade when the Kent Sun is strong. The children don’t have a quiet place to talk with friends or read a book. Their only option is to sit on the grass or to come back over to the playground where there are some limited areas for seating and a hut for shade. However, the is not an option at lunchtimes when the school Children just use the field for playtime in the Summer.

With the above in mind, we would like to purchase a Wooden Pergola with seating for the School Field. We would love to be able to give the children a place to go and sit during break times and it would also be a fully functional space for classes to use during lessons outside in the warmer months or when exploring on the field for insects and wildlife. This space could also be used during Sports day and The School Summer Fair and other sporting events such as football matches that take place on the field.

The Children love to be outside, it is good for their health and wellbeing and the fresh air helps with their learning and concentration later in the day. It would be great for them to have somewhere like this to use when they want a rest or a quiet place or simply to get into the shade for a while and sit with their friends.

We have raised some funds already at the School Summer Fair but this grant would allow up to purchase the Wooden Pergola and seating and have it installed in time for use by the Children next Spring/ Summer term.

Friends Of Lunsford Primary School

Moment of Pride

We are very proud of our school and our children are at the heart of it. Lots of people give up their time to help and nowadays where people are constantly rushing about, juggling family’s, work and other commitments it’s lovely to know our school has a real sense of community about it.

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