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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Synchronised skating is an ice skating discipline where up to 20 skaters skate as a team, moving together at high speed as one flowing unit while completing difficult footwork.

Slough Synchronised Skating Club represents Slough at synchronised skating competitions throughout the UK. We currently have four teams (three Junior and one Adult). We train every week at Everyone Active's Slough Ice Arena.

Our club provides a friendly and welcoming environment for skaters of all ages who love our sport - we have skaters as young as 10 right up to adult skaters in their 50s and 60s. Skating as part of a team teaches all our skaters - young and old - important life skills including teamwork, commitment and fair play. As well as keeping healthy and active by participating in a sport, all our skaters are learning to be respectful to, and supportive of, the skaters across our teams and beyond our club to our competitors from other clubs. Many of our skaters use their skating skills as volunteers with SPICE (Special People on Ice) - the group at Slough Ice Arena which teaches children and young adults with a wide range of learning disabilities to ice skate.

We are all very proud of our club's achievements and of the hard work put into training by our skaters (including the 6 am training sessions in the run-up to competitions!) but we desperately need funds for costumes to enable us to enter competitions throughout the season (including the next British Championships). Without costumes we are unable to enter competitions, however hard we train. We try to reuse our costumes wherever we can but lots of our skaters grow each year so, even if we are able to reuse costumes we still have to spend money on alterations and resizing so that everybody has a costume that fits.

The club is very proud to represent Slough at competitions around the UK and Aviva funding would really help us to continue to compete in the sport we all love.

Slough Synchronised Skating Club

Moment of Pride

We are really proud of the hard work and dedication shown by all our skaters. Training for skating competitions can be tough at times (6 am starts can be particularly tough!) but our skaters know that by working together they can achieve great things and the hard work is all worth it.

Location: Slough