Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We've got the people and the tackle - we just need a tractor.

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group have ambitious plans. We are working hard to make our local nature reserve a real haven for wildlife and a place for education and peaceful enjoyment for the whole local community.
As our plans get bigger so do the tasks we undertake - and the tools and equipment just get heavier! Although we don't like to admit it, we're not all youngsters so a lift with the bigger loads is definitely appreciated. The age range of our volunteers spans seven decades; we have a great blend of knowledge and experience with energy and enthusiasm and a wide range of skills. However, those with most time to give during the week tend to be people in their 60's upwards, who are joined at the weekends by families, students and anyone else we can pull in! We'll tackle almost anything - given the right equipment and preparation.

We would make very good use of a small tractor to haul trailer loads rather than having to carry all our gear. There are several miles of tracks and paths around the 74 acres of the reserve - and as we're in Yorkshire it's not all flat, so just getting to a work site with all the necessary tackle is quite an effort sometimes. We will use the tractor with a trailer (already donated) for lots of jobs:
to get strimmers to our meadows
take a heavy pump and a generator to our dams and ponds when needed
carry tools for path maintenance
cart bundles of trees for planting
carry all the equipment for our annual autumn cut in our huge reedbed - one of the most exhausting tasks of the year.

We can cover the tractor's running costs, insurance and necessary training from our group funds and we have safe storage on site.

Please vote for us - and give wildlife at Cromwell Bottom a helping hand - and come and see us if you can!

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group

Moment of Pride

It's really good to see how determined everyone is to roll up their sleeves and do the best we can for our wildlife and our environment. We're making a big difference without making a big fuss.

Location: Cromwell Bottom, Brighouse, UK