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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Replacement Tents is a project that aims to purchase a set of replacement tents so that the group can continue to camp six times a year enabling children to get out in the fresh air and away from their gadgets.

5th Wiltshire are an outdoor focused Baden-Powell Scout Group based in Ludgershall in the heart of the Salisbury Plain military training area. Our members come from a range of towns, villages and hamlets across the area and include a high number of service/ex-service families.

Ludgershall is a deprived area in Wiltshire with a high proportion of Social Housing and low-income families. Despite extensive housing development the only child friendly resources that exist in the town are a small playground, a patch of grass and a skateboard ramp.

5th Wiltshire was formed six years ago and returned Scouting to the area for the first time in nearly 40 years. Their programme proves very popular with numbers doubling in the past 18 months.

Within the group there are currently around 100 people across six different sections: Beavers (6 to 8), Wolf Cubs (8 to 11), Scouts (11 to 15), Senior Scouts (15 to 18) and Rover Scouts (Adults).

Spending so much time outdoors as a group means children will have a lot of opportunities to camp and enjoy the natural environment. Having a replacement set of tents will allow the Group to continue to allow the members to camp safely in all weathers.

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5th Wiltshire BP Scout Group

Moment of Pride

5th Wiltshire is an inclusive community which helps children develop their values and enable traditional learning which sets them up for different stages of life, which society at the moment is losing.

Location: Ludgershall