Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Edlington Town Council around 18 months ago established a Community Steering Group (Auburn Road Woodland Project) tasked with identifying a vision to bring a piece of former allotment garden land which was handed back to the Council by the Allotment Association over 20 years ago as surplus to its requirements and became densely overgrown and inaccesible, back in to community use as a recreational amenity/country park for the use and enjoyment of the local community. A master plan (for the next 5 years and beyond) was developed and initial support was offered by the Woodland Trust offering a support grant & and a woodland grant to enable the project to get kick-started with heavy machinery being brought in to clear and landscape the site and remove hazardous debris from when the site was a former allotment land. This has enabled over the last 12 months removal of overgrown shrubbery /brambles, improvements to the landscaping and gradient levels of the land and weed killing, an entrance gate and some perimeter fencing has been gifted by the local quarry and over the past few months a pathway has been laid through the site to enable use as a countryside walk or cycle route.Some tree planting has been undertaken with a pack gifted by the Woodland Trust although many of these have been damaged/vandalised by local youths causing anti-social behaviour across the village in Edlington. Additionally, some edging boards for the pathway have also been targeted and removed by thiefs. Hence, site security is a real issue for the Steering Group and efforts to further enhance the area are under threat by the wilful damage and vandalism caused by a minority. The next phases of the scheme are to grass seed a significant portion of the site to create a meadow effect, a wild meadow area as well and to establish seating and benches at appropriate stages through the site. In addition we would like to establish an entrance gateway at the southern end of the site and also create a "learning classroom" where the local Schools can bring their pupils to the site as part of their introduction to caring for our environment and learning about the sites biodiversity. In order to introduce these next phases of development to enhance the appearance and encourage wider use of the site by the community, we also need to protect the investments that we have made in improving the area, with the introduction of CCTV surveillance at the southern end of the site, appropriately located not to detract from the appearance of the area but also evident and as a deterrant to mischievous youths.
The project aims to achieve bringing back in to use a piece of land that had previously been left unattended. It adjoins the Martinwells Lake location and adds as a natural extension to an area of beauty as another recreational amenity and quiet environment which people can relax in and enjoy, or walk the dog through. This will make a huge difference in creating a nice environment on the edge of the village which already suffers high levels of deprivation as an ex-pit village from the former Yorkshire Main Colliery days. Local people are asked to vote in support of this project to aid the Town Council and its Community Steering Group in promoting the beauty of this area, adjoining other green and agricultural land in the immediate vicinity and to encourage the younger generation to support and invest in it for the benefit of the local Edlington population and for people from other surrounding areas to come and enjoy. Use of the site by the Secondary and three local Primary Schools will also help with their education and encourage them to promote the area with their family and friends as an area that can be widely used and enjoyed. It will help create a greater sense of pride in Edlington and our local environment and divert away from some of the negatives of anti-social behaviour and criminality that Edlington continues to suffer and be associated with via the news reports.

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Edlington Town Council

Moment of Pride

The Community Steering Group are proud of what has been achieved in only 18 months to transform the site for the 6500 local Edlington population to enjoy. Further impetus and support (including funding) is now required to continue to progress the project towards bringing the 5 year plan to reality.

Location: New Edlington