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Funding level: Up to £1,000


“Let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

Watermore School is an inclusive, welcoming, creative, primary school located in the heart of Frampton Cotterell. The school’s vision is they believe that all children should enjoy their time in school, in a happy, secure and stimulating environment, where they are cared for in a warm and professional way, by a dedicated team of staff, committed to achieving high standards in every aspect of school life.

In June 2017, the PTFA contributed towards the funding of a large outdoor learning facility. This wooden stand-alone classroom is large enough to teach 30 children, with a perspex ceiling and wall to wall windows, it is a light and airy space. It has built in desks, benches and an electricity point. It took many years of fundraising to be able to pay for the outdoor classroom. Bake sales, school discos, fayres, movie nights, we even had a gin tasting night! All the hours of fundraising have been worth it to have this fantastic new space where the children can get back to nature and learn in an environment that is away from the hustle of school life, quiet, calm and peaceful.

The school values its outdoor learning opportunities and is keen to enhance their current facilities to enable more outdoor education to take place. They would like to purchase additional facilities for the children to use whilst in the new outdoor learning facility. Magnifying glasses for minibeast hunts, forest school equipment, detective collector bags, creative construction material. The open space can be utilised in so many ways given the right tools and facilities. The teachers try where possible to take the children outside for lessons, last summer pupils utilised the classroom space to hold an art exhibition. Showcasing their work for visiting parents to see, making maximum use of the light and space from the outdoor classroom.

Research shows that there are many benefits to outdoor education including:
• Developing learning abilities
• Improving self-confidence
• Encouraging children’s creative thinking
• Positive mental health
• Social skills
• Motivation
• Independence

Who will benefit from the enhancement of the outdoor learning space:
• 360 children who attend the primary school

The PTFA are applying to the Aviva Community Fund to request £1000, which would greatly benefit the learning experiences of both current and future pupils. We feel that our request will help us to achieve the goal of providing improved outdoor learning opportunities for the children.

Watermore Primary School

Moment of Pride

I have been on the PTFA for 4 years and have seen how hard the parents and staff work to make sure the children have the best experience they can at school. They are passionate about making it a better place and give up so much of their free time to make this happen.

Location: Frampton Cotterell


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