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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Fluidity Freerun Academy is the only indoor Parkour & Freerunning center in the UK of its scale.
A bespoke indoor 7,000 sq ft park for the play and education of sports such as parkour/freerunning, tricking, acrobatics, circus, calisthenics , ninja warrior training and more!

Featuring elements such as wooden builds, scaffolding set ups , concrete obstacles as well as a sprung floor, foam pit and moveable elements and softplay , its bringing an outdoor environment inside for the safe practise and tuition of urban sports and activities.

Fluidity Freerun Academy has been open for 2 years now , and has had thousands of participants step through its door. With classes open to those from 4 years old all the way up to senior citizens, including girls only sessions,refugee schemes and Pupil Referal Units.We also work with the sport council to deliver our sessions to schools.
The aim of Fluidity Freerun Community & Fluidity Freerun Academy is to get people in to reconnect with natural potential. Parkour/Freerunning is a fully inclusive sport, that anyone from any background, age or ability can try.Our center and fully qualified parkour coaches aim to encourage ways to overcome both physical and mental obstacles , break barriers and realise their potential , through movement and the environment around them.

Fluidity is the first park of its kind in the UK , and has been growing ever popular. A small independent team that were the first parkour group in Wales, Fluidity have spent the last 12 years working on grass roots in the community through regular classes, workshops,events and performances. Going around schools, working in and out of the school curriculum, we have been delivering parkour and making a push to encourage physical literacy through movement based disciplines that have a non-competitive component to them.

As a non competitive sport, parkour/freerunning is very appealing to a wide range of kids that don't find a place in general sports whilst growing up - we know because this was how we felt ourselves. Parkour/freerunning is an incredible tool to boost confidence and fitness,as participants figure out their capabilities and the progress they can make to unlock their potential, through pushing physical and mental boundaries.

Methodical practice and progressions give great encouragement to the participants, and the now recognized sport (as of January 2017) has been ever gaining popularity in activities children wish to do in school.

A huge problem we have been facing in the Academy is in regards to the building. We have NO heating of any sorts, and many problems with roof repairs - it has even snowed inside the Academy and flooded.

With this , it has meant that the last 2 winters have almost been unbearable , and caused big problems for our hundreds of students who come in during the incredibly cold months, as well as for parents who bring their children (and the coaches who work there)

Fluidity Freerun Academy lies within an area of deprivation - Splott ,which moved up to the 4th most deprived area in Wales 2014 (see this link for Depol statistics link )
and as a result we have been giving direct assess to the communities in these areas and giving a positive service to the kids,their families and the community.

With our unique timetable & services we offer,we are not a tourist attraction,but we are a center of learning and a community hub-with play,creativity and community at the center of what we do.

Due to the expense of running the business, the loans and rates we pay, it will be impossible for us to raise the funds to install heating and carry out repairs, but if it was funded the fix would have huge longevity for all

We have become a very important aspect in the local communities and city,as well as a worldwide Parkour hotspot,but sadly this issue is going to hinder participants ability to learn, as well as effect the community that uses the space.

Project Video

Fluidity Freerun Community and Fluidity Freerun Academy

Moment of Pride

1000's of participants have engaged in a new sport, from young to old.We have seen students become coaches,friendships and teams form, as well as becoming a community hub. Incredibly unique with unrivaled experience & recognized for paving a way for the sport worldwide and putting Wales on the map!

Location: Cardiff


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