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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Glór Dhún Geimhin is a voluntary Community Organisation established in 2009 to promote and develop Culture, Language and Heritage in the wider Dungiven area. Since it's inception Glór has grown in the community bringing a greater sense of tradition and identity through music, language and heritage.
In 2015 we acquired the local parish hall with the help of An Ciste Infheistíochta Gaeilge, the hall was in great need of modernisation and refurbishment and we successfully secured over £300k of Social Investment Funds and it is currently under renovation with a scheduled opening January 2019.
Our aims include assisting other charitable bodies, which assistance includes providing access to community facilities. We have built lasting partnerships with several groups in our community facilitating all ages and abilities ie. Indoor Bowling Club, Set Dancing Club, Girl Guides, Glenshane Care Association, Irish Dancing Group, Gaa Clubs, Local Youth Groups, Local Charities (St. Vincent de Paul & Hands That Talk), Dungiven Drama Group, Autism Awareness Group and our own music, language and heritage groups.. The limitations within this project didn't allow us to do anything outside the building and restricted us to the original layout inside. This restriction limits the use of our facilities to pretty much one organisation at any given time so we are currently investigating funding for a phase 2 which would provide a multifunction hub / room where groups can gather socially in smaller numbers as the hall is more suitable for larger number events. Phase 2 would also accommodate residential families and groups with 6 dormitory rooms with bathrooms. We are currently in the process of applying to the Rural Services fund (DARA) for the bulk of the fund which if successful will provide 95% of the cost, this process is through the expression of interest and is due to open end of October and close 10th December. Planning permission has been approved and we have proceeded this far at our own risk. This has been deemed as a viable project this far and will enhance the existing facilities as well as add new basic services.

The main focus on this new hub is to facilitate the foundation of a new Autism Awareness Group in the community with a considerable increase in children diagnosed with ASD in the local area. Providing the parents with a social outlet drop in hub that is sympathetic to the sensory needs of children on the spectrum. The accommodation would provide necessary facilities to help children on the spectrum prepare for transitions away from home as well as facilitate intensive therapy programmes throughout the year which would involve the whole family staying and being supported with activities and training programmes to help support their needs.
The accommodation would also help facilitate our basic cultural services by importing the Gealtacht to our area instead of our families incurring the huge costs of sending their children each year to various Gaeltachts throughout Ireland. Our Irish Language community has grown significantly over the last 5 years with numbers in the Gaelscoil more than double, with the opening of the only Irish Medium Secondary School in Co. Derry which numbers have quadrupled in the first 3 years and predicted to grow to over 500 pupils by 2020 and the vast increase in adults joining evening classes. This new hub would also let us promote our Culture to International groups of students and Lauguage enthusiasts.
In todays society is is crutial that our Community Groups stay focused on delivering positive cultural experiences and developing the skills of the next generation of children who are at danger of growing up with little or no understanding of where they came from, who their neighbour is and how they can play an important role in their local community. We need to protect our local history and at the same time provide a sense of worth to our additional needs groups and our growing aging community.

Glór Dhún Geimhin

Moment of Pride

The project makes us proud to be part of a strong community partnership initiative valuing the importance of nurturing our youth & supporting people in the community who need our help. Bailiú meaning Gathering supports people meeting for their own specific purpose and keeping our community together

Location: Dungiven