Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Barby Primary School is a small, rural school where the children's well being is at the heart of all that it does. Children are actively encouraged to take part in many activities both inside the school and outside within the safety of the school grounds. The staff are a highly professional and motivated team and want the very best for all pupils who attend. For this reason, the school is seeking the finance to purchase a mile track that can be accessed by all pupils throughout the year.

Having an on site all weather track will allow all pupils to run or walk a mile every day of the school year, regardless of the weather conditions, as part of their daily school routine. The track would provide a safe, secure and familiar environment in which pupils can enjoy their daily exercise. The track can be marked with engaging markers that allow the pupils to see how far they have run or walked and pupils can learn how to pace themselves so that they can complete the distance. This is a fully inclusive activity, once the track is installed, it is free and simple to use and the benefits can be extended to our local pre school as well as to teachers who might also like to keep fit!

The daily mile is an initiative that encourages schools to give pupils 15 minutes every day to run or jog at their own pace. Pupils can be encouraged to have fun and chat to each other, this is a very sociable activity! This regular participation can lead to improvements of physical and mental health of children. It will also add to the amount of daylight and fresh air that pupils are exposed to which also promotes a sense of well being not to mention good sleep!

For some pupils, this break from the classroom can lead to improved concentration.
During the winter months the current route can quickly become waterlogged and uneven which is not safe for pupils to run on. The new track would provide a firm and mud free surface which is of course the safest condition for running.

This resource would become one of the most frequently used facilities at the school. It could be used during the daily mile run/walk, during PE lessons for warm up runs and also for extra curricular sports.

Giving pupils the opportunity to run a mile a day would help the school to tackle the issues of obesity and will provide the opportunity for pupils to enjoy a healthy lifestyle all year round. Regular exercise during childhood is likely to lead to healthy habits in adulthood. The benefits to mental health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. Daily exercise can help children to eat and sleep better, it can also help them to improve their levels of concentration leading to improvement in attainment when pupils go back into the classroom. Good habits developed at school can also be extended across the whole family!

Research conducted by The Daily Mile organisation found that once a regular daily mile has been established, after 4 weeks almost all pupils can run most or all of the mile. If Barby school has access to a track all year round, then this level of fitness can be maintained and improved every single day.

We have held a very successful sponsored run event to support a member of school staff who was running the London Marathon. Children challenged themselves to complete laps of the field. The lack of an all weather surface is what prevents the school from taking part in a daily running activity slot.

The impact that the track could have on the pupils at the school would last a lifetime. What a gift to pass on to our youngsters.

Barby Primary School

Moment of Pride

I am proud of Barby Primary School because they work very hard at providing an exciting and inspiring range of activities. They value all of their resources and ensure that they are utilised so that pupil's personal development health and well being are at the heart of everything that they do.

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