Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Scout and Guide Hut in Stamford Bridge has been in existence for nearly 40 years. Within this time the use of hall as increased and we currently support approximately 200 children on a weekly basis within Scouting and Guiding units. However, the facilities in the hall have never been improved to meet the increased demands. This is particularly evident in the kitchen area, where the facilities are limited and unable to support large volumes of children. This means that key life skills sure as cooking, and healthy eating are significantly reduced as it is too dangerous to have more than 4 children in the kitchen at once. We would like to upgrade the kitchen area to utilise the space to allow more functional use of the space. This would include the addition of a new large cooker and more usage work areas. We would also like to make the kitchen accessible from the hall by including a servicing hatch into the main hall, linking the two spaces. We feel this would be a significant improvement for the hall and extend the life of the hall for all the units and community groups who use the space.

Stamford Bridge Scout and Guide Support Association

Moment of Pride

Scouting and Guiding organisations has been proven to improve the mental health of children and increase their resilience later in life. We would like to support volunteer leaders to be able to provide even more opportunities and allow them to develop life skills to supporting their future.

Location: Stamford Bridge