Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: BWA


We provide cycling opportunities to young people from 4 years old upto 16 under British Cycling Go ride accreditation scheme, we are also Clubmark accredited. We also provide opportunities for disabled riders to participate and receive individual coaching with an aim to filtering them into our main groups making us one of the only "All inclusive" clubs in the country. We provide bike to children who cannot afford new bikes or need a bike to use at club or in races. We also support our National and regional standard riders to travel around the country participating in races. In short we try and provide the whole community whether learning or racing to a high level. We have recently had to start paying increased venue costs which we can cope with but this leaves us short in other areas such as coach development and equipment purchase and maintenance. The £1,000 will allow us to maintain the community work we do in and out of schools and support all our youth members regardless of ability and look to grow. Since 2010 we have grown our participation and won Worcestershire community team of the year in 2012 and community club of the year 2013 and British Cyclings club of the year in 2015 showing we have the ability and drive to help everyone we can in the community We also won the bums on seats award in the West Midlands winter cyclocross league 2017 . As a whole club this extends to adults as well but this project will focus on the 4-16 age range.

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Redditch Road and Path Cycling Club

Moment of Pride

Many people give their time each and every week, rain or shine to provide riding opportunities for everyone in the community young and old. The club works tirelessly to bring in as many people as possible to do exercise, keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Location: Abbey Stadium, Redditch, UK