Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We would like to request funds to create 4 football teams within Kirknewton. We are very lucky to be in the process of getting a football changing facility built within our local park. This will enable teams to play in proper leagues as we had been unable to do this before as we could not provide adequate changing facilities for the referees.
The building of the changing facilities has been quite divisive in the community as a few feel that the money could have been spent better elsewhere. However, this was not a community choice this was a promise made by a councillor several years ago which has only just made it to the actual building stage. After several meetings within the community it has become clear that going forward we should be embracing this opportunity that we have been given and try to utilise the facility. We would therefore like to create 4 football teams as detailed below:
1) Senior Citizens
2) Adults
3) Youth
4) Kids
We are not sure what numbers we would get for each category, it maybe that we would need to reach out our neighbouring communities to see if anyone else was interested perhaps in the senior citizens team. We may also have to split the kid’s teams into boys and girls, this would of course depend on demand. We have spoken extensively to the kids in the community and they would love to have a Kirk newton team. We did have an adult’s team a couple of years ago which had to be disbanded due to lack of changing facilities and funds. Anyone doing any football needs to go out with the village to do so.
We want to improve the sporting facilities within Kirknewton. Football has proven to provide people with higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth. We have had a few issues lately with vandalism and we firmly believe that a football team may eradicate some of this behaviour. We would like our teams to be the hub of the community. We want to use football to build a stronger, healthier, happier and safer community.
We have chosen this project as football does not just impact the players but the parents, grandparents, friends, everyone can get involved, people can go along to support their team. It will have a massive impact on our community spirit. It could increase sales in our local shop. We are hopeful the teams could all come together to train sometimes so that the generations can give each other support and any guidance they may have. We would hope that at least 500 people would be positively impacted by this project but it could possibly be more.
We would look to involve our local school in this initiative as increased exercise improves children’s concentration, memory and behaviour. We want children to learn to look after their bodies from an early age and to eat well to maintain healthy.
We would like to get our volunteers trained through the Scottish FA program, we would like to fund this and offer them any support we can as we realise that the volunteers will be giving up a lot of their time to do this. We would aim to get started as soon as possible as the changing facilities should be ready in March 2019 and we would like to get the teams up and running shortly after that. We would like to get the volunteers to do the Children’s Wellbeing in Scottish Football course to start with and move on from there.
If we are successful we would ask the Bank of Scotland if they would be interested in sponsoring our teams and they could have “Bank of Scotland” on the shirts. Our local team is Livingston and we would also like to approach them to do some coaching and to motivate everyone.

Kirknewton Community Development Trust Limited

Moment of Pride

We feel this project would bring our entire community together, sport and in particular football has a heritage of doing this. Kirknewton could become proud of their team

Location: Kirknewton, West Lothian, UK