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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Beach Volleyball is not a sport that is instantly associated with Scotland however in 2017 the first ever Scottish beach team entered into the commonwealth youth games in the Bahamas. The female pairing achieved a fourth place finish narrowly missing out on the bronze medal. In 2018 both our senior male and female pairing made it to the commonwealth games in the Gold Coast both having a successful tournament finishing 5th. Unfortunately training in our weather climate is not ideal and a temporary fix was found when a farmer allowed use of his barn over the winter. In order for the sport to continue to grow we need to look at creating a permanent beach court facility. City of Edinburgh Volleyball Club is the fastest growing club in the country for indoor volleyball. In the last 4 years we have doubled our membership with a very large junior academy now in place. South Queensferry is a small town with a population of 9000 . There are limited facilities in the town for sports and recreation and the club is providing a great facility for children to be active and experience competitive sport. The benefits of playing both beach and indoor volleyball are clearly apparent and we want to provide atheletes junior and senior with this opportunity. An important is aspect that the club is extremely proud of is our ability to recruit and retain female athletes in the current times when there is extreme concern about young girls not taking part in sport. The proof of this is we have increased our u16 junior teams entering the league from 1 to 4. In order for us to continue to recruit juniors into the sport of volleyball we feel it is essential to provide beach volleyball coaching as part of our offering. This isn’t possible at present due to the distance to our nearest suitable beach and also due to weather conditions. City of Edinburgh Volleyball Club is very much at the heart of the south queensferry community and any extra opportunities the club can provide will be well received within the town

City of Edinburgh Volleyball Club

Moment of Pride

I am proud to be associated with the club as it is an example of what a group of volunteers can achieve if they set their minds to it. The main reason I am so proud of the club is how we have been able to encourage youngsters particularly females into the sport in a playing and coaching capacity

Location: Queensferry