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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Community spirit is something hard to find in a modern world and we hope to improve this feeling. Everyone should feel able to do something special within their community, we plan of giving people these chances.

Jolly Good Communities CIC was formed by a group of volunteers, our name came from a friend of ours who worked as a community development worker and we wanted to carry on the great work he did. Our group is made up of a local events organiser who loves organising community events which bring people together, a youth worker, girlguiding leaders and church warden and our tech expert who also has a background in community projects.

Our group will deliver projects in our local villages in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. We aim to recruit volunteers along the way so we can support as many projects as we can, this will be for our management board and upcoming events making the events belong to the people we work with.

Some people feel like they don't know people in their community very well and we would like to help improve this. With social isolation on the rise and mental health at the forefront of the media, we want to support local people with consultation to find out exactly what ideas their community would like to see being organised for them to engage in. This will ultimately improve people's well being, and help people feel happier, healthier and safer in their communities.

By empowering local groups and people, we hope every event will be successful, giving people the opportunities to volunteer and feel part of something. Giving them the confidence and skills of working as a team, managing a team and working the events itself.

We are a new start up, non-profit organisation and would like to apply for funding to help us reach out and work with our local villages. We would like to start by holding a launch event, inviting local community and youth groups, local residents, councillors, MP's, community development workers so we can showcase our plans and what help we can offer. At the launch event we will consult with local people to make sure the events are for the people, by the people.

Some groups might have a good volunteer base but struggle to organise fundraising events, with much needed funds being raised. We can support groups to do this. Or it might simply be organising events to include all generations, whether that be a small music festival, family picnics, parades or carnivals.

The funding will pay for hiring the venues, design and printing of promotional packs to give out to groups, local businesses, looking to support our cause and local residents, who are looking to make a difference. It will fund leaflet drops, online advertising to enable us to reach a large amount of people. There are 8 villages in our local area and we would like to support as many projects as we can, we will be organising quarterly consultation events across these villages. We want to help people, help themselves.

Jolly Good Communities CIC

Moment of Pride

Seeing people coming together, smiling and having fun, especially for families that can't afford to venture further afield or pay for tickets for the whole family to attend. We want to give families the experiences they deserve, from feeling part of a community.

Location: Barnsley