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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Pinewood School is a primary and secondary additional support needs school in West Lothian. There are approximately 139 pupils (78 in Secondary (50 male and 28 female) and 61 in Primary (41 male and 20 female). The school supports children from diverse backgrounds with various disabilities including Autism, Downs Syndrome and various other learning disabilities. We also have children with physical disabilities.
We would very much like to expand and promote inclusion within the community for as many of the children as possible through purchasing a second mini bus. A second vehicle would allow more flexibility in assisting the children to access the community with their support teams. The staff at Pinewood are keen to expand the childrens experiences and also raise awareness of the school beyond the friends and families of the pupils. A second vehicle would enable more of the children to visit the community and therefore increase awareness of Pinewood.
Accessing the community with their peers and support teams from school helps towards the childrens experiences of every day things that can be taken for granted. And can only help toward finding new ways to develop and enrich their learning experience.
As the staff team have very good relationships with the parents, being able to widen the reach of access for the children will ultimately benefit the entire family.
Having a second vehicle would help us reach many more local groups and potential new 'Friends of Pinewood' to create new support partnerships to help us provide as many new and enjoyable learning and life skill opportunities for the children.
Our children have a history of creating a positive vibe wherever they go resulting in a very positive experience for all involved and also raising awareness of the school and all abilities.

Pinewood School

Moment of Pride

The children and staff.
The staff provide such a safe and nurtured environment for the children whilst promoting independence within the children. The children are enthusiastic, curious, affectionate, respectful, adventurous and courageous.

Location: Blackburn