Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Fruitful Abundance was set up 4 years ago to increase food security in Northamptonshire, to limit food waste, and to reform the food system. It has developed a lot over those 4 years and now has 5 The Real Junk Food Project cafes in Northamptonshire, encourages food growing with a Seedy Saturday event, a Produce show and its own allotments and growing areas.
Our first week rescuing food when we opened Elsie's our first cafe, we rescued 15kg of food, the Supermarkets and Warehouses were not interested and we regularly bin dived to obtain enough food to serve.
We now rescue on average 3 tonnes of food a week, diverting it from landfill to feed people....we encourage everyone to eat the delicious food we make, to spread the word about how the food system should be reformed. We hope within the next 3 years to make Northamptonshire Zero food waste.
Our cafes form their own communities bringing together old and young, able and disabled, rich and poor and all in between, friendships are forged and great food consumed.
We are now opening a shop in St James, an area of social deprivation within the town. It will offer local residents volunteering opportunities and will build another community where food can be obtained in exchange for a donation of time or money.
We know that there is still more edible food going to landfill which we need to rescue to ensure that it does not cause further detriment to the environment, but this needs to be done safely. At present chilled goods have to be packed into cool boxes and transported quickly to refrigerators. Sometimes 2or 3 volunteers with their cars are involved in a collection if there is a lot of food.
We would like to acquire a refrigerated van to make these collections easier. we know we can get a used van from one of our suppliers at reasonable cost, it would need some re-branding and we would ask for our first years estimated running costs.

Fruitful Abundance TRJFP CIC

Moment of Pride

With over 100 volunteers dedicating their time this project has progressed phenomenonally fast. It has helped many people with food and company, has spread the word about the need for food system change to limit damage to the environment, to make it fair to all people and sustainable for the world.

Location: Northamptonshire, UK