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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


WBC Womens Boxing Club was set up in November 2014 by Jason Lowe and Mav Akram. We approached the Community Aero Kick gym and began running 3 sessions a week out of their gym. The idea behind the club was to set up a platform to get women more involved with boxing and keeping fit and healthy. The amount of women attending grew over the years and even resulted in WBC running sessions out of a second gym Energie Fitness in another area to accommodate women on the other side of Birmingham.
The sport had always been portrayed and represented as a ‘man’s sport’ so all the facilities in the gyms were suited to men. There weren’t always separate changing rooms or showers and if you did walk into a boxing gym it was male dominated so extremely uncomfortable and a daunting experience.
Jason and Mav thought of the idea and agreed to set up WBC to give women an opportunity to not only learn a new and exciting sport but also help them in keeping active and healthy. We also wanted to break the stigma around the sport only being for men and we wanted to be inclusive of women of all backgrounds and ages.
Over the years we have been very successful in over hundreds of women training for us. We were successfully voted number 1 by Box Nation in 2016 and we won Birmingham Sports Awards Club of the Year in 2016. We were also approached by the BBC and filmed an advert for the BBC One Ident which currently runs on TV showing a clip of the women in the gym. We have now created an environment where women from all backgrounds, religions, beliefs and cultures come together to break barriers and show how they can unite and train to box.
The club has many women from diverse backgrounds and communities and constantly works to build on this by including deprived areas and backgrounds.
Some of the women who train also come from issues such as mental health, depression, bullying, domestic violence etc. and it is a great environment to help build back their confidence and give them an opportunity to meet other women and build themselves back up again.
The sessions have a warm feel; they are inclusive and make you feel like part of a family. Every woman is welcoming and it’s lovely to see so many women get on and build friendships with one another who outside of this environment may never have met. There are many mothers and daughters who train together – a beautiful way to bond and keep fit together.
WBC has not received any funding, and everything has consisted of hard work and graft from Jason Lowe and Mav Akram. From 6 weekly sessions of training from their own time, to taking the girls to different cities for sparring and putting on shows for the girls to box on. The commitment has been to set up a place where women feel safe and a club which is breaking barriers for females. The women who train make the club what it is and it is fantastic to see so many of them come together.
We believe with this funding we can continue the work already being done but offer even better links to communities, equipment and facilities. We would like to continue to be inclusive of working with deprived areas and giving women who have come through different struggles and obstacles different opportunities. We would aim to work on marketing more in order to let more people know what we do and open the doors for more women to get involved. We would work to continue to keep the equipment of decent standard and ensure there is enough gloves, head guards etc. for the women to use. We would also like to help with the heating in the gym as there isn’t currently any and it can be difficult training on cold days especially in the winter.
We believe people should vote for WBC Womens Boxing Club because of the barriers and stigma it is breaking and the opportunities the club is providing for women. It has given many women a chance to regain their confidence and come through many difficulties as well as make new friends and learn a new sport.

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WBC Womens Boxing Club

Moment of Pride

We are proud of WBC not only because of how far the club has come but because of every woman who takes part. It is a amazing feeling to see so many women partake and set themselves goals and targets that they work towards with our help and guidance. We are proud of the women empowering themselves.

Location: Birmingham