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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are working towards creating a sporting hub for all ages and abilities at the heart of the historic village of Roslin to promote and foster the game of lawn bowls. Rosslyn Bowling Club has been an integral part of the village of Roslin for almost 130 years and has a proud record of achievement winning many County and Scottish honours. However like a lot of Clubs we have suffered from a drop in membership and a lack of younger people becoming involved. Bowls is Scotland's most successful Commonwealth games sport and has numerous benefits being a very social game and one where all generations can come together and enjoy the outdoors and camaraderie. We recognised last year that with our youngest member being 27 ( and also our Club president) and the majority of our membership being old age pensioners! we really had to work on a plan to embrace the Community more and try to get away from the image of Bowls's being an old person's game! A Try Bowls Afternoon was amazingly successful resulting in 30 new bowlers at an incentivised rate to try the game and see if they like it. Bowls Scotland the governing body have been supportive with promotion and we have had 6 members obtain their coaching qualifications. The Club now have 15 Youth and Junior bowlers in the age category 8-15 and have also attracted 10 Ladies to the game in the 30-40 age bracket. In summary we are creating a vibrant hub for the village and bringing new people together socially to enjoy a fun activity coupled with the competitive side of the game. We have a long term vision to run Try Bowls events throughout the year coupled with our Schools and Youth organisations involvement to make the Club a Sporting and Social Hub for the village.

Funding would make such an impact and go towards the purchase of Junior sized bowls which cost £125 a set. We currently have 2 sets and are very stretched when we have a class of 30 on the green. By purchasing say another 3 sets and also some coaching cones, hurdles etc this would make such a difference to the experience for all those involved at all ages and abilities. As mentioned above and is evident from our Facebook page we have really opened up to the Community to expand our reach and appeal with the Village size due to double from 3000 with the building of new homes we are keen to embrace this.

The Village has a lack of Community spaces and while a new primary school has been built it is not open in the evenings or weekends. In terms of people the funding would help and I would estimate over 100 school pupils and 50 current members of all ages from 8-80+. We are looking to build a more sustainable model by involving new people in the development of our Club and facility for future generations.

Rosslyn Bowling Community Club

Moment of Pride

Our Club has come a long way in the past 18 months opening up to the Community and creating a Junior Academy working with the local schools on an Active Schools project introducing children from Primary 5,6 and 7 to the game of bowls and the many benefits this has in terms health and well being

Location: Roslin, Midlothian, UK