Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We'd like to substantially upscale the support we offer to rough sleepers and other people in housing but still in need.

Our twice-weekly food kitchen allows us to offer vulnerable people hot food and clothing in addition to camping stoves, tents, and sometimes a gym membership or phone credit to provide routine in their lives, a means of keeping clean & fed, and a means of keeping contact with family.

Our next goal is to open up a non-profit cafe staffed by rough sleepers which will run 7 days a week offering fresh local food at an affordable price in addition to becoming the space for us to run our existing food kitchens every weekend but this effort can't even begin until our current work is able to be carried out without the concern of running out of funds. This will allow us to provide training and employment for the homeless in order for them to further their career. We don't just want to alleviate the struggles of those in need but offer a means for destitute people to empower themselves.

We provide far-reaching assistance to those missed by other services locally and try to empower destitute people by offering support which creates the means for them to regain control over their lives instead of remaining trapped without a way to look after themselves. The funds will allow us to substantially increase the support we offer to local homeless and other vulnerable people by providing all of the above and more as appropriate.

The funding would pay for the food kitchen’s supplies such as cups, cutlery, food containers, and ingredients in addition other forms of support vital to rough sleepers’ & destitute people's well-being such as care packages containing food parcels and other items which provide destitute people the means to cook & feed themselves whether it be a camping stove for those living in tents or chopping boards & roasting trays to go with kitchenware donated via our Facebook group.

Help the Homeless, Needy, and Vulnerable Rugby

Moment of Pride

I started this project in mid-2015 at 19 years old initially cooking/serving the food my own but now we have a passionate team of volunteers helping 10-20 people each week. If any person in Rugby is in need of help or support they can rely on us. It's really heartwarming to see how far we've come.

Location: 46 Church St, Rugby CV21 3PT, UK