Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Being outdoors is so important for our school children. The Early Years curriculum insists upon outdoor provision as it's so vital. We want to ensure that all our school children are able to access the outdoors year round, whatever the weather.

As a school, we have started to transform the Foundation outdoor space with a canopy and exciting markings so the children can play and learn outside. This cost the school nearly £6000. In my other role as a governor, I understand how tight the budgets are. We would like to be able to provide this same level of provision for all our children, but cannot afford to as a school with such a tight budget. We are working hard as a parent fundraising group to raise funds, but any support would be greatly appreciated. The Friends of Aston All Saints Parent group has already raised over £1000 to enable us to pay for the lollipop lady.

£700 would pay for a new storage area in the Foundation unit for the bikes and outdoor toys. We would then transform the existing shed into a play house with the remaining £200 and furnish this as a play house for the children. This would complete the foundation project.

The next step would be to work on the infant play ground. At the moment, the playground is cracked, old worn gravel, so if children fall over and graze their knees and hands. We would like a better surface and some new paint / markings to make this a fun and exciting place to play. We have a sheltered area, but this is old and waterlogged, so every time it rains it cannot be used as it's so muddy. We would like to improve this area and make it accessible in all weathers. We would also like to add some play equipment to encourage exercise and learning through play. This will cost around £8000.

The junior playgound has recently had some basketball nets installed - it's lovely to see how much the children enjoy using these. In future we would like to improve the outdoor playground surface and the wooded area where the children love to play and interact with nature. This would cost around £5000

Our final goal is to improve the paths around school and make these safe and free from flooding. Children all partake in the daily mile and this would be much safer on better paths. We participate in the daily mile as it's so important that children can take a break from the classroom to get some fresh air and exercise. To replace the paths and improve drainage would cost around £250,000, so this is an aspiration for the future!

Friends of Aston All Saints C of E School

Moment of Pride

We are all proud of our children. The Christian ethos is at the heart of our school and the children are a clear reflection of this. As a school and parent group, we want to be able to provide the best environment we can for our children to learn, grow, be safe and have fun.

Location: Aston