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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music."
Gerald Ford

At Tithe Barn Primary School, we believe that every child matters and we are committed to offering an inclusive, broad, and balanced curriculum for all children. We strive to create a supportive learning environment in which all children feel valued.

This Musical Playground Trail project will enable us to develop an area of the existing playground into an inspiring musical zone; it will contain a variety of instruments laid out in a trail that is accessible to all children, including those who use wheelchairs. We have selected a disused corner of our playground to bring back to life as part of the first stage of our playground development.

As a small inclusive school we have an increasing number of children with medical and/or Special Educational Needs (26% compared to 14.4% for all schools nationally) But our SEN budget is one of the lowest in the country. This project will greatly enhance our provision for children with additional needs, as it would enable the school to provide musical therapy and work with them in the outdoor environment. Our children with SEN benefit hugely from working outdoors - it undoubtedly relieves stress and anxiety, further develops social skills, motivates learning across the curriculum (and beyond) and allows them to be practical in their learning. Giving our SEN children that feeling of space and the sensory stimulation that comes with being outdoors, is absolutely vital to their education. This outdoor music zone will add a new dimension to our SEN children’s learning environment, indeed all our children’s learning.

As a school, we believe passionately that music has an important role in our children's education and want to enhance our tired playground to provide such a facility. Sadly, no work has been undertaken on our playground for many years due to ever decreasing budgets. Our playground is looking neglected and we have had to remove much of our playground equipment for health and safety reasons.

This project will leave a long-lasting legacy for the whole community. In addition to the 214+ children who attend the school each year, the project will give teachers and after-school club members an imaginative learning area in which to work with the children. The facility will also be open to our local community through our Forest School Groups during the school holidays and our pre-school parent and children groups, which we are in the process of establishing.

Friends of Tithe Barn have an ambitious fund raising plan to support the transformation of the playground into a true community asset. It is a sizable task for a small voluntary group of parents, carers and community members to undertake however we believe it will leave a legacy for the community that the children themselves have been active in creating.

“Music enhances the education of our children by helping them to make connections and broadening the depth with which they think and feel. If we are to hope for a society of culturally literate people, music must be a vital part of our children's education."
Yo-Yo Ma

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Moment of Pride

All staff, parents and carers are extremely proud of the wonderful big things our little school achieves for it's pupils with an extremely limited budget. We're excited at the prospect of enhancing our musical, creative and outdoor provision for all children with this project!

Location: Stockport