Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


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Queensbridge School is an amazing, pioneering and inclusive inner city London primary school for our diverse community of 527+ children, families and teachers. It's a National Teaching School and a Pupil Premium System Leader, for its proven track record in boosting disadvantaged pupils' achievement and closing gaps. We love our school!

But our school is also on a very busy street where air pollution is not only VERY high but at peak times is double the legal limit. Our wider community also has very little access to nature and over 50% of our families do not have access to a garden at home. Within the school grounds everything is covered in grey tarmac.

We are looking for funds to create two desperately needed greenspaces: a Woodland & Bog Garden and an Edible Playground (fruit & vegetable garden). Together these will become vibrant play and learning spaces that will delight and engage everyone in our community, whilst providing a natural defence against pollution.

Without these AVIVA funds we simply cannot reach the threshold to begin this project. Your support will make a radical difference to us all. Please help!

The Woodland & Bog Garden (130sqm) will turn an unloved corner of a grey playground into a damp oasis of trees, shrubs, wetland and sensory planting full of opportunities to build beetle loggeries, uncover micro habitats, construct child-sized dens and enhance biodiversity. A garden to inspire curious young scientific minds and delight all children including our high proportion of children with SEN (30% with 27 full time statements). The trees will be specially chosen to maximise the reduction of polluting gases and particulates.

The Edible Playground (100sqm) will replace grey tarmac with raised beds and planters to grow fruit and vegetables along with sensory planting and promoting pollinators. An incredible multi-sensory way to teach our children about growing and eating healthy food - and above all, to get their hands dirty. We will choose plants that will reflect the diverse cultural heritage of the community as well as varieties which will flower and fruit during term time.

Aside from the physical health benefits that eating well brings, learning in an outdoor environment combats Nature Deficit Disorder and has been shown to increase mental health by boosting mood, confidence and self-esteem. Allowing children to connect with nature develops attentiveness and self-reliance.

The creation of these greenspaces will transform our grey, barren grounds into zones of vibrant outdoor teaching opportunity that will inspire hands-on learning and get children excited about growing, open up access to nature, and provide a fun outdoor learning environment that supports cross-curriculum teaching. With over 30% of children at the school living in a household with asthma, this is an opportunity for the school community to clean the air as influencing the traffic flow surrounding our School is beyond our reach.

In addition, these greenspaces will provide safe and attractive areas where the School and wider local community can socialise, play, learn and share during community volunteering and planting days and social events. This will increase access to meaningful and locally accessible nature, sensory and greenspace for children and adults within a wide community with high proportions of disadvantaged and minority groups who lack access to high quality greenspace.

Please help us GREEN our School!!

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This transformative project will make a dramatic impact to a barren primary school environment in a highly diverse and deprived inner city community with little access to nature. It also has the potential to bring a community together around a greenspace that we can all be proud of.

Location: Queensbridge Road, London E8 3NB, UK