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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our project aims to maintain and enhance our position as a major hub in our local community for sport and social activity. With an annual footfall of over 100,000 on our site, we wish to provide appropriate facilities in a sustainable manner for everyone who visits us. To do this, we need to repair and upgrade the exterior of our community clubhouse, its' entrance area and toilet facilities including those for the disabled. The exterior of the building is in urgent need of repair including gutters, fascia, doors, window panels, security fencing and decoration. If this work is not carried out in the very near future there is a high risk that the condition of the building will significantly deteriorate and structural damage could occur. In addition, our toilet facilities inside the clubhouse are very old and inefficient and have suffered from vandalism. They need to be repaired and brought up to the standards people have the right to expect in a building open to the public.
Through the above, we will impact on the local community in the following ways:
* provide suitable facilities for the many community groups who already use our facilities. These include Norton BoxFit; Stockton Bereavement Group; WeightWatchers; Local Councillors Ward Surgeries; Norton Union Golf Society; Stockton Physically Handicapped Group; Durham County Rugby Referees; Crooksbarn Residents Association; Station Road Residents Association; Crooksbarn School PTA; St Joseph’s RC School PTA
* enable more local community groups to find our facilities attractive and therefore increase the number of groups active at Norton Sports Charity. Examples of this might include the NHS and the local autism respite centre both of whom are part of our Outreach Programme which has been very successful over the last 18 months in forming partnerships between Norton Sports Charity and a wide range of organisations from the local community
* help the growth and attractiveness of the eight sports clubs based on our site covering archery, athletics, bowls, cricket, football, hockey, squash and tennis. In particular we wish to ensure our facilities cover the full range of users including the young, the old, the disabled and also to encourage more females to be physically active.
* by providing an enhanced social facility for our local community which currently constitutes around 25% of the usage of the clubhouse. This includes regular social visits but also for events such as christenings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and funeral wakes.
The money would really make a huge difference to us as we could not carry out the project as we would wish to without it. We are self-financing through income we generate ourselves to cover our day-to-day running costs but need injections of capital to allow us to maintain and develop our facilities. With a total project cost estimated at £33,000, an award from AVIVA would go a long way to reaching the funding target with the balance being contributed by ourselves.
This award would allow us to continue to fulfil our charitable objectives with respect to those resident in the parish of Norton and the surrounding areas and which may be summarised as follows:
''Provision of facilities for recreation and leisure for the young, the not-so-young, the infirm or disabled, those in financial hardship or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving their conditions of life''.
Our Community Clubhouse is an absolutely integral and essential part of our activities and we need it to be in good shape to allow people to continue to enhance their health and well-being. We would therefore really appreciate it if people could cast their vote for the Community Clubhouse Refurbishment Project at Norton Sports Charity based on Teesside in the North-East of England.

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Moment of Pride

What makes me proud is the real difference we make to people's quality of life. Provision of community and sports facilities including for the young, old, disabled and those in financial need mostly through our staff and fantastic volunteers makes us special and a tremendous asset for local people.

Location: Station Road, Stockton-on-Tees TS20 1PE, UK