Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Plastic pollution in the environment adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat and humans - by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish. Some plastic is toxic and even when it is not dangerous itself – plastic acts like a magnet for a range of other poisons and pollutants we have spilled into the natural world. The vast majority of plastic waste doesn't get reused or recycled. It's lingering in the environment – polluting our soils and seas.

The Litterbug Project will help to minimise plastic waste and litter in our local natural environment through a community eco, education and recycling centre based on land at Strawberry Farm, Bramshall Road, Uttoxeter ST14 5BE.

The project will encourage community action and boost pride in the town through litter picking events. This cohesive approach will then continue through to the workshop, where we will provide community clubs, craft sessions and events.

We need financial support to provide some of the recycling machinery to help us recycle local litter and turn it into beneficial products for social benefit. The machines will also be used for community education and technical workshops. The machines will be suited (and safe) for educational and volunteer activity, and will provide an insight into the value and benefits of recycling, we can only do this by having the right equipment in place. To understand the process of how these machines will be used, please watch the below video.

The more people that are involved in the project the more plastic will be recycled and reused, helping to solve the environmental and health issues connected to plastic pollution across our community (and beyond). Litterbugs is about inclusive collaboration and builds upon sharing knowledge and tools between friends, family, neighbours and the wider populous.

Project Video

The Globe Group CIC

Moment of Pride

We believe recycling should be possible at a community level, to impact and benefit those locally. We already have over 40 dedicated litter picking volunteers who work hard to keep our town clean. We want a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for our community, this project will provide that.

Location: Uttoxeter