Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Ralph Butterfield Primary School is located in Haxby, York. The school has 318 pupils aged from 4-11. Due to poor local authority funding its outside spaces need significant investment. York is the worst funded local authority in the country and all schools in York receive far less income per pupil than other schools in the country.

The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) would like to apply for £5000 to add a Fitness Area to the sports field, including several pieces of children's exercise equipment, which all the school pupils and numerous clubs held at school can benefit from.

We truly believe that having this fantastic and exciting fitness area will:
- enable children to do more focused exercise during the school day and beyond
- entice and inspire those children who may not normally get the opportunity to exercise out of school
- encourage further the culture of well-being and keeping healthy that the school promotes

…. but we simply do not have the money to fund the exercise equipment and develop this fitness area. The PTA have worked tirelessly to fund raise over many years, but that money has increasingly been spent on things like IT equipment and books because the school budget could not cover those items. That has meant that outside play equipment has been a dream not a reality.

We know that NHS guidelines suggest children between 5-18 years should have at least 60 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, with evidence to suggest this leads to improved behaviour, greater ability to focus on tasks and better sleeping.

We would like to purchase equipment that appeals to different ages in the school and that exercises different muscles in the body. Some pieces of equipment are for solo use, others for two or more pupils leading to greater social interaction, competition and of course giggles whilst exercising.
The equipment would be available for use during PE sessions; during morning, afternoon and lunch time play times; for our myriad of extra-curricular clubs – for example our netball and football team training could use them as part of their stamina and warm up training and our before / after school club would be able to use the equipment, keeping them active.
In addition, we have several outside club providers who would be able to incorporate use the of the equipment as part of their stamina and fitness work, for example tennis club, judo club, York City football club.

The School have already tried to raise funds through its Entrepreneur Club, sponsored events, like rounders matches and running its own entrepreneurial fortnight that the whole school contributed to, raising over £600.

The exact choice of equipment would be in consultation with the whole school, a task facilitated by the School Pupil Council. Some exciting options include:
• Double Health Walker
• Double Slalom Skier
• Sky Stepper
• Rower
• Arm and Pedal Bike
• Tai Chi Discs (4 users)
• Waist Twister (3 users)
• Double Strength Challenger (2 users)

A supplier has been identified, through research and consultation with other local schools who have invested in similar projects and are reaping the benefits. Six pieces of equipment would be needed initially, costing approximately £5,600 so alongside other fundraising efforts, Aviva funding would allow the purchase and installation of this fantastic fitness area. We also aim to develop this area over time by adding a further 3 pieces of equipment as and when the necessary extra funds have been raised.

The children would be over the moon if we were successful in securing funds to install this new fitness area. In recent years they have seen their existing play equipment being taped off or removed as it has become rotten, but the school does not have the funds to replace it. This project would make a huge difference to school life for current and future pupils at Ralph Butterfield for many years to come, inspiring health, wellbeing and fun throughout their lives!

Ralph Butterfield School Parent Teacher Association

Moment of Pride

The PTA are proud to be able to help our school by raising money for equipment and projects the school could not otherwise afford for the children. This exciting project would make a huge difference to current and future pupils of our school, encouraging them to exercise and have fun!

Location: Haxby