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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Do you remember playing sport on that boggy wet school field on the windiest, wettest day of the year? You were probably daydreaming - thinking why do we play football in shorts in the winter and cricket in trousers in the summer? And then the ball came to you and you were that numb you couldn't move. I remember those days? It nearly put me off for life!!

Well lets look after the generation of 2018 with this indoor initiative.

This "Futsal" project is to promote and drive junior participation in a relatively new sport in the UK. Futsal originates from a teacher in Uruguay, but is now commonly thought of as a key ingredient behind the success, flair and skill of Spanish, Argentinian, Brazilian & Portuguese footballers like Ronaldo, Xavi, Messi and even Pele.

At Lutterworth Athletic Youth FC, a charity status youth football club coaches Dave & Rob of the U10 group had to take evasive action mid-way through the winter training last season. The snow, rain, sub zero temperatures had an impact on player development. Absences also increased. The incremental weather had such a drastic effect on the grass pitches there were a lot of postponements of matches. As a result ad-hoc bookings of indoor sports halls took place but this came at an incredible cost to hire. This initiative is to ensure that player participation is increased during winter months and player development will grow at a faster rate. We have 36 players in this one age category at the club, the photo shows just 6 of them about to compete in a match last season. The target is to vastly increase the number of participating players, and participating teams.

There is a good reason why Futsal is popular. It's a 5 aside game, you get more touches of the ball, using the sole of the foot encourages more technical control, it's fast paced, develop skills to beat opponents, well disciplined.

This project is aimed to support a 20 week programme through the winter months to increase participation of Futsal. This will increase sport activity as opposed to being stuck indoors on the playstation when another game is called off due to a waterlogged pitch. Having now completed specific FA Futsal coaching qualification anticipating the winter challenge ahead, the next step is to deliver those sessions throughout the 20 week programme. It is anticipated that this will also increase the awareness of the values of Futsal to player development at the young age. Networking between other coaches in the area is underway, with this project extending invites to other "teams" to join the project. Therefore, this project is aimed not just supporting one particular club, but also the clubs in the vicinity who will be invited to take part in the sessions.

Who knows the next Messi might be from the UK, and they might just be about to benefit from this Aviva community fund. Although that is not the purpose, it's a dream. But for now the dream is to get more kids thriving to play and enjoying the sport in a nice controlled and friendly environment that they have a positive memory of and gives them the foundation for a healthy active lifestyle ahead of them.

The community grant will be of huge value to aid this project with the expensive nature of:-

* Specific Futsal Goals
* Futsal balls (bounce 30% less & heavier weight)
* Futsal protective kit for keepers
* Futsal court hire
* Futsal tournament finale of the 20 weeks with medals for ALL participants

Thanks for reading about this project, and I hope you wish to support us by helping these youngsters develop and dream in dry comfortable conditions !

Project Video

Lutterworth Athletic Youth FC U10/U11's

Moment of Pride

I am proud to know that delivering this project will make a massive difference to not only the players that I coach, but also the players of other teams in the community. It will also have a big impact on the parents who come to watch, with younger siblings in a suitable indoor environment.

Location: Lutterworth, Leicestershire, UK