Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Oakdale Road Recreation Ground, founded 1958, was a community hub for people of all ages when the bowls club were active and a park keeper worked full time in the pavilion. Sixty years later, the bowls team and park keeper have gone and the green space needs regeneration. In recent years the old bowling green has been used as a green space for community events and as a play area for local children and teenagers. The surface of the bowling green has degraded and is full on holes and is surrounded by gullies. The Friends of Onchan Park group are looking to regenerate this area with hardwearing grass which is fit for purpose, to fill in the gullies and re-establish the green space to include disable access so the area can be used by all groups.

Friends of Onchan Park

Moment of Pride

The Friends of Onchan Park are working with the local community and the council to improve the park and this area is well used by the group and the community. We want to improve the green space to encourage other groups to use the park and involve the community in future events

Location: Carlton