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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Green Lane Primary & Nursery School is home to around 450 children.

Our ambition is for our library to be at the heart of the school, to inspire our children to learn to read and develop a love of books and learning. We want our children to see the library as a vibrant accessible place.

Sadly, we just don’t have the funds to refurbish the library area and buy the fit for purpose books and shelving we need.

We are fortunate to have an active PTA (Friends of Green Lane School), many parents and a local Scout group who are all poised to work on improving our library just as we can afford the materials we need.

Without these changes valuable teaching time is being lost. For example, it currently takes up to 3 hours to help each class change their books. Because we do not have adequate storage for books it is impossible to keep them organised, ordered and easily accessible for the children and staff.

We are also severely lacking in the range and quality of books for the children. Many of the books for younger readers are old and damaged with pages missing or falling out and our older children have a very limited choice of books.

With so many parts of the school needing investment, we simply don’t have the money to help make our library a place for our children to enjoy.

Please vote for this project and help make a huge difference to each one of our children.

Thank you!

Friends of Green Lane School Association

Moment of Pride

Green Lane is a welcoming school where teachers and parents work hard to give the children exciting opportunities to learn, play and be a part of the wider community.

I am proud of how hard the Friends of Green Lane School work on fundraising initiatives for the school.

Location: Worcester Park