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Funding level: Up to £1,000


It is universally recognised that digital skills are essential for the vast majority of jobs and allow access to many well paid opportunities, both now and in the future. We want to give our young people in Cromar, Deeside and Aberdeenshire the opportunity of acquiring the skills necessary to work in this digital economy.

With this aim then "Everything Electronic" is a weekly club for those aged between 10 years to young adults. The club is providing opportunities for learning coding, graphic design, animation, robotics and electronics generally. Club members are working both as individuals and as part of teams - learning team skills in the process. A guiding principle is that the activities should be fun and no charge is made for any young person attending.

We wish to continue and grow further in 2019 as more young people become involved, encouraged by word of mouth. The donation from Aviva would help in both covering the weekly running costs such as hiring our village hall, allowing more donated equipment to be refurbished as well as buying new hardware and software to extend our range of activities.

To be successful then we need upto date and appropriate facilities that will engage the club members.

Please help by voting for us !

PS - video created by club members....

Project Video

Cromar Future Group

Moment of Pride

Our part of Aberdeenshire has only small villages and scattered communities. The Cromar Future Group is "leveling the playing field" by bringing science and technology activities (STEM) to our rural area.

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