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Funding level: Up to £1,000


At Cornton Primary in Stirling we are passionate about creating the best outcomes for our children. Our 2019 parent council project is to create an outdoor learning space in the school grounds.

We have 220 children in our school and throughout 2018 we've been listening to them and heard how they’d love to have a dedicated space to get outside and learn.

We asked teachers and they explained the types of resources they'd like to be able to access to create fun, different and interesting way of learning. They wanted to have a seating area, a surface they could work on, a chalk board and resource “bags” of outdoor games and learning equipment. They told us it would help with engagement of everyone in the school, particularly those who are harder to engage inside the classroom.

We've been sharing ideas with the parents to get their feedback. The space we’ve identified is located at one of the main walkways of the school and parents told us they’d love to see the thistles, mud and plastic sheeting replaced with a fun and practical learning space. We've been using our regular face to face gatherings, our facebook page and the school newsletter to inform and involve them. We’ve also benefitted from having active parents with great knowledge and experience of outdoor learning so that’s helped us to build a realistic and sustainable plan whilst being creative and having fun.

And importantly, we consulted with the children through our Pupil Council and Citizenship Groups and they came up with great ideas for seating, games and materials they’d like to be able to use.

Having invested the time in the research, we're now ready with the ideas and the tired messy space is desperate for a new look for 2019! This funding would make a real difference to what we can do with the space and your help would have a lasting impact on our school and community.

The funding will be used to:

- Create an outdoor seating space built from natural resources where classes can sit comfortably
- Create learning resource packs the children can use to learn and explore their surroundings
- Incorporate a pathway for access in all weathers and a paving area

We have an engaged and active group of parents who will take ownership for implementing the plan and ensuring it meets the requirements we’ve identified.

We see the benefits of this work for our parents, teachers, children and community.

As a parent, I'd be able to see and hear from my child how they are learning in a way that's different from the traditional classroom.

As a teacher, I am able to use a different space and resources to encourage learning amongst my class. I may have some children that are more difficult to engage and this gives me another channel to spark their interest.

In the community, I am able to access the space outside of school hours – it’s accessible to all.

Most importantly, as a child, I'd experience an exciting and different space in the playground that's currently overgrown and un-used. I'd be learning outside in a different, fun and exciting way and learning more about the environment around me.

Cornton Primary Parent Council

Moment of Pride

We're an active team of parent volunteers who care about our school and making things better for every child. We've invested heavily with our time and efforts to engage the whole school community so the decisions we make are the right ones, ones that will make a real difference to the children.

Location: Stirling