Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


At Elrick Primary School, we are lucky to share a beautiful green space with our local community. It is filled with lots of mature trees, including many rowan trees - where our street takes its name. There is no fence or wall dividing our paths from the public footpaths around it and so we seamlessly integrate with our neighbours.

The children previously enjoyed using wooden benches in this relaxed setting, but the wood has decayed and so they were removed. The play equipment was originally installed around the same time and is also showing significant signs of damage and urgently needs replacing.

Elrick Primary School Parent Council is seeking to replace the benches and some of the play equipment. More than that, the vision is to provide an open-air gathering place for pupils and teachers. Our goal is to raise sufficient funds to create an outdoor classroom. Outdoor classrooms bring schooling to life and provide an opportunity for teachers and students to integrate nature into learning. Proven to reduce stress levels and improve health & wellbeing, a horseshoe arrangement of benches made from recycled plastic would provide the seating for the classroom.

The vision is to designate some of the benches for those in need of a friend. A buddy bench is a special place where children can go if they want someone to talk to or play with during break times. Originating in the US by a kind 5th grader, thousands of schools have replicated this simple idea which has been found to help improve the mental health of children – both the person providing and receiving friendship.

The renovation plans includes provision for the replacement of the old equipment with inclusive access, durable play frames built from recycled or sustainable materials.

Elrick Primary School Parent Council

Moment of Pride

Elrick Primary School Parent Council has strong links with the local community and the provision of replacement benches and play equipment would breathe new life into this well-used, local facility

Location: Elrick