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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Our Junior Youth teams from U10's to U 16's from the end of October until March have to train on the local school's all weather pitch. On this type of surface the children are not permitted to make tackles as the surface is very rough on the skin and causes too many injuries. We have access to the Council pitch but it is unlit so we are unable to use these facilities for evening training sessions. Our training over the winter is hampered by the limitations of the surface of the all weather pitch and is always crowded as all teams have to train together as we only have use of the pitch once a week.

We would love to be able to flood light the council pitch of an evening to support the training programmes of our coaches and to improve the quality of the play and facilities for all players at Saltash RFC. We are looking to purchase telescopic floodlights with rechargeable batteries which are portable in a handy bag and easy for coaches to set up at the start of a training session. There is a storage facility at the training pitch where they can be safely stored when not in use.

Saltash RFC is one of the largest Youth teams in the SE of Cornwall. We are a big supporter of local events run by other Youth and Council organisations in our area. We are run by a small committee of a chairman, treasurer, secretary, safeguarding officer and fixtures secretary. We run totally independent from the main senior teams at the club and a strong youth contingent went to Twickenham this year when our main team were finalist in the Vase Cup. Our youth were able to form a guard of honour as the team made its debut on the pitch at Twickenham. Many of the main adult team players awarded trophies to our youngsters at our Presentation Day this year as a way of saying thank you. Our young players aspire to being a club star at Twickenham!

By purchasing the portable floodlights, the coaches are able to cover a full season of full contact training. As the children would be able to train all season on a regular basis achieving the full range of training aspects, such as tackling, full line outs, scrums, rucks etc they will benefit from team playing qualities, feel included within the rugby family and as a club we will retain the players and keep them engaged throughout the year.

Our volunteer coaches, referees and support staff are dedicated to the club and are proud of their teams. They all give up their own time to teach rugby and obtain all of the coaching qualifications necessary along with safeguarding and first aid. It leaves little time to fundraise and secure funding to ensure we have the equipment needed to engage and retain the children year after year.

Our parent support is outstanding and would welcome the opportunity to bid for the funding offered by Aviva.

Saltash RFC - Youth Section

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The Youth Section is run entirely by Volunteers, from the coaches, assistants, team managers, to the Youth Committee elected to support all teams and be the link back to the Main rugby club. Our funds are purely from player registration fees and team fund raising events with players and families.

Location: Saltash