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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Aylsham St Giles Cricket Club is making great strides in bringing cricket to youngsters in the local area. In 2018 we fielded an under 9s side in local cricket softball festivals, and provided hardball coaching and practice sessions to local teenagers. We had around 30 youngsters turn up every week to these sessions, which were run by a small team of dedicated volunteers.

In 2019 we aim to increase the amount of coaching we can provide, and will be looking to field junior sides in matches at teenage age group levels.

However, whilst the club currently owns sufficient equipment to properly run the under 9 softball sessions, it lacks a lot of the equipment required for hardball cricket at teenage age group levels. It also doesn't have any level 2 trained qualified coaches. The purpose of this project, therefore, is to raise the funds to buy junior helmets, bats, balls and protective equipment, all of which is expensive. It would also enable the club to enter club members through the coach training schemes.

If we were successful in obtaining £1,000 of funding, this would provide the funding for the equipment and training we need.

Aylsham St Giles Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

The club is expanding & bringing the chance to play organised sport to an isolated area of Norfolk. In the last 2 years we have expanded from one adult league side to two, set up junior softball coaching, an under 9s side, and teenage hardball coaching. None of these existed 2 years ago.

Location: Aylsham


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