Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Team Wirral project is to engage and support local Wirral residents with mental health difficulties to gain support and take part in regular physical activity.

Tranmere in the Community wishes to use this funding to engage with 200 (19+) adults and will offer free community based learning courses combined with sports sessions. Adults will have been identified as having mild to moderate mental health conditions, eg social anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, coping with life changes. These courses will be up to 5 weeks in duration and are education and physical activity focused and will run from March 2019 to Dec 2019

This application is for funding to offer a comprehensive and varied range of sporting activities to these Wirral communities and residents to encourage sustained participation in physical activity on a regular basis. We will provide for a minimum of 50+ individuals to continue to engage and participate in weekly programmes of activities to focus on health, wellbeing and understand the benefits of exercise. The activities will include walking, gym, walking football and dance.

Participants will be recruited by working with local organisations to identity people who are from the following identified groups:
• Men
• Women
• People with mental health issues
• Unemployed
• Disabled
• People on low income
• People with physical health issues

A local recruitment campaign will also help identify those people who are not in contact with local services but who will benefit from taking part in prolonged physical activity.

Individuals will be directed to activities with the overall outcomes being:
• Showing an improvement health, wellbeing and fitness levels
• Decreasing social isolation
• Encouraging behaviour change
• Increase in employability through volunteering programme
• Increasing confidence and self-esteem

Outcomes and achievements will be monitored in a number of ways:
• Registration of participants will be kept to monitor engagement levels
• Participants encouraged to keep reflective and video diaries to map their progress
• Questionnaires throughout the project period will be undertaken to monitor improvements in health and wellbeing
• Feedback and evaluation of sessions will be used to ensure quality and standards are maintained
• Health testing
Individuals will be encouraged to participate in:
• A range of physical activities focusing on improving health, wellbeing and fitness levels such as football, walking football, walking groups, hill walking, yoga and gym sessions and chair based exercise
• Gym membership will be offered to all participants to help achieve and maintain their fitness goals and to keep motivation levels high throughout the 10 month project period
• Invited to attend 4 challenge activities such as outward bound activity sessions including low level hill walking and climbing activities
• The opportunity to participate in the FA level 1 in Coaching Football course will be offered to 10 participants who will be encouraged to volunteer.
• The opportunity to participate in the FA level 2 In Coaching Football course will be offered to 2 participants who will be encouraged to volunteer.
• Individuals will be encouraged to also engage in other opportunities at Tranmere including additional learning and training programmes.
• Participants will be consulted regarding the types of activities they would like included in the programme

We will base the project the indoor centre based at the club for the majority of the activities, this includes a playing area, classrooms and a dance studio/gym. We have an onsite café to help develop social skills in down time. The actives shown in the video ran last year using funding from a number of sources and each year we have to raise funding to allow them to continue. With the funding from the project we wish to offer these type activities in the video to groups suffering from mental health issues.

Project Video

Tranmere Rovers in The Community

Moment of Pride

Tranmere Rovers in the Community does valuable work with community groups and voluntary organisations. TRIC has existed for many years and has a proven track record of working with the hard to reach and disadvantaged. We pride ourselves in these valuable activities and the staff are highly dedicated

Location: Tranmere, Birkenhead, UK