Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


This is a project designed to deliver adult education from September 2019. This is an area that has become non existent within the local area, with people having to travel miles to enable themselves to achieve the education they would like and need at a later stage in their lives.
This will be a huge boost to our community and provide much needed skills to those benefiting from it.

The aim is for the participants to achieve a GCSE in Sciences as a stepping stone to continue studying at A level (this would be done locally too with the funding).
The money will make a difference, as it will be used to equip a classroom with an interactive whiteboard and Tablets / IT equipment, which are vital to the course criteria.

There are also course books and fees for exams, which would enable the participants to fully engage in the project.
The money would also enable the participants to take part regardless of their own financial situation / background.

We would like to encourage people to vote for this project to inject some much needed further education into the area and enable people to reach their potential regardless of circumstances.

Friends of Batley Library

Moment of Pride

We shall be proud of the work achieved and to celebrate the successes within the community.
For those involved, it will give them a sense of pride, achievement and self belief.

Location: Batley