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Our project 'Sing Yerself Happy' aims to promote singing as a therapy to support Health and Wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May 2019).
RockUs Community Choir was formed 6 years ago, has a membership of 84, meet and have fun weekly and perform at a variety of local events across our community to promote general health and wellbeing.
Our Project 'Sing Yerself Happy' aims to reach new members within our Community who could benefit from everything a choir has to offer.
We chose our title 'Sing Yerself Happy ' as we totally acknowledge research that supports singing in a choir can be beneficial to both physical and mental health. Studies have also highlighted that belonging to a choir not only helps forge social bonds, it also acts as an icebreaker, helping the more isolated members of the community. Singing within a group therefore has been proven to help the soul and generally boost endorphins.
THe main focus of next year's Mental Health Awareness week is tackling stress. Research has shown that nearly two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, and stress is a key factor in this. By tackling stress , we therefore can go along way to tackle mental health problems such as aniexty and depression.
Consequently during this week we plan to embrace and promote all the positive attributes that belonging to a choir can give. To spread the good word, we plan to hold workshops within our community where there will be opportunities to join in, talk to members and listen to our choir performing.
The generous grant form Aviva will make a difference to help promote prior enabling us to print fliers, buy pop up free standing banners and advertise in our local paper and on social media. Having a new portable and chargeable sound system will help when we perform out and about. Providing refreshments for any new member too Is also a key factor in creating a warm and welcoming ethos.
We just want to share this wonderful sense of community that has evolved over the years at RockUs.
Here is a poem written by a member that sums up the ethos of our choir.

RockUs - Sing Yerself Happy

The fun we have on a Thursday night!
Brings us such joy, we're such a sight!
Gregg's humour and ingenious ways
Gives us hope and helps us find our way
'GIve it laldy!' is what he would say.

It's good for your well being and mental health,
We all stick together and be ourselves.
Some of us wing it and some of us sing it,
But RockUs Choir will always bring it!

We work hard all year long
Learning our lines and singing our songs.
We welcome new members throughout the year,
It's such a privilege us all being here.

We sing ourselves happy with love in our heart,
All of us members will never depart.
Norma Martin 2018

Project Video

RockUs Community Choir

Moment of Pride

In our Choir there is a sense of belonging and the feeling of being part something great. Becoming a member of RockUs can combat loneliness and stress as it opens up a whole new network of positive relationships and opportunities to attend social events and performances.
So, 'Sing Yerself Happy'.

Location: Paisley


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