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Like foxes, the North London wolves are well-adapted to urban life - cool, savvy and streetwise. But our pack likes to roam far from the city whenever we hear the call of the wild… which is mainly during the school holidays but some weekends too. You will often find us at dusk on Friday evenings, gathering in groups - rucksacks stuffed, batteries charged, sniffing the air... The minibus pulls up and we pile in, crank up the music and howl, eating up the miles as we head for our natural habitat - the Peak District, the Lakes, the rivers of Wales or the mountains of Scotland.

Wolves are misunderstood. People think we don't like water but in fact we love to swim. We also like canoeing, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding and white water rafting. We enjoy cycling, climbing, archery and rolling in mud. Wolves are made up of 80% coffee and 20% sugar. We love camping and dancing (at the same time), subsist on a diet consisting mainly of Nutella, we’re excellent navigators and can go for weeks without washing.

Wild Wolf Explorer Scout Unit is a friendly, eclectic group of sixty 14 – 18 year olds from a range of backgrounds, and with many different interests and skills. Being a Scout helps us cope with the anxieties and pressures that teenagers face in today’s fast-paced but uncertain world. It has a positive impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, helping to counter the feelings of isolation and loneliness which, as the Co-op Foundation recently reported, affect 65% of young people. As well as developing both as individuals and as part of a team through life changing experiences, we work towards qualifications and awards including Duke of Edinburgh, Jack Petchey, Explorer Belt and the Queen’s Scout Award which give us transferable skills and an enormous sense of achievement.

We work hard to raise money to ensure that everyone can join the adventure regardless of their financial circumstances. £1000 from the Aviva Community Fund would be a significant contribution to our hardship fund, paying for activities and equipment for those who need support. We’re really excited about the year ahead and the opportunities this fund represents, your help is truly needed and appreciated so please, take a walk on the wild side... vote Wolf!

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Wild Wolf Explorer Scout Unit (WWESU)

Moment of Pride

I am proud to know these inspiring young people and their award winning leaders. They are a welcoming, ambitious, inclusive group and the hardship fund ensures that everybody can join the adventure regardless of their financial circumstances.

Location: London Borough of Haringey, London, UK


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