Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We need to add two additional changing rooms, with showers and toilets, as we need to separate adults from children using the club facilities. At present we have over 300 Mini & Junior players each Sunday morning during the season, along with two adult football teams, so sharing the changing facilities is an issue, as child protection is paramount at the club. We also hold various youth rugby festivals, which again requires juggling of changing facilities. We expect the numbers of M&Js to continue to grow, so the use of changing facilities will only get more problematic. Apart from keeping children separate from adults when changing, having the extra changing rooms would allow us to have Saturday football team use the club facilities, as currently we only have room for the two adult rugby teams, along with their opposition, who could both be playing at home on the same day. This would extend the use of the club within the community.
The Club has good links with the local 6th Form College and other local Colleges, and has an active role with local schools. The Club also hosts community events that bring in different demographics within the Farnborough area. For example, it was the Club Centenary in 2014 and a number of events were held to continue to engage the local community.

The Club has an active recruitment and advertising programme, including with regular flyer distribution throughout the local community (including military establishments), feature articles and match reports in the local newspapers, interviews on local radio, regularly advertisements in the bi-monthly Aldershot Garrison Herald and the annual Aldershot Garrison Community Guide, and via the Club’s website ( A large focus is also placed on the retention of the current player base, and ensuring a good transition of Colts from the Club’s successful junior section (the strategy put in place at the beginning of season 2014/2015 for the transition of selected Colts players through to adult rugby works really well).
We also provide an outlet for our armed forces to enjoy recreational sport with both serving and ex-forces members.
The additional changing facilities would extend the use of the club within the community, thus enhancing our current standing in the community.

Farnborough Rugby Union Football Club

Moment of Pride

As mentioned above we have been a community club for over 100 years, providing sporting outlets for youth and adult participants in the local area, which in itself makes us very proud. The addition of the new changing facilities will help us serve the local community even better.

Location: Farnborough