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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Help stop our park football field from turning into a game of slip and slide

The volunteer group Friends of Heaton Moor Park ask for your votes to renovate the Heaton Moor Park football field with a better drainage system and an improved surface. The field will be easier to maintain in the long term, and provide a lasting legacy for next generation of players.

Renovating the Heaton Moor Park football field would:
• Provide a safe, more sustainable field for our footballers of all ages, particularly local teens. It is often either too slippery and muddy to play on or, when dried out, too compact and hard to play on.
• Reduce pressure on other parts of the park. The poor state of the field often drives footballers to use other, less suitable areas of the park, for example, the bowling green or the tennis court.
• Improve options for other games and sports. Like football, cricket and Frisbee are more enjoyable if the players don’t risk mud slides or injury.
• Encourage more children, their parents and people of all ages to use the field and enjoy opportunities for exercise, fresh air, sportsmanship, social interaction and fun.

One recent comment: “The goalie area gets really muddy so kids end up covered in mud or if we've had a dry spell the mud is too hard and kids end up with scrapped / cuts on elbows and knees. Even us adults were slipping around just trying to walk on the field.”

Heaton Moor Park was established in 1897, in the Victorian era. A small park of a few acres, Heaton Moor Park serves a much larger population than ever anticipated. Every square inch of the park needs to be brought to its best use. Now at a ripe old age of 121, the football field deserves the funding for have proper pipe drainage, improved soil composition and aeration and a long term maintenance plan.

By casting your vote for this project, you will help us:
• Offer a much improved space where people of all ages can safely enjoy outdoor play.
• Regenerate and refresh a historical space.
• Increase the park’s appeal.
• Provide a sustainable, long-term legacy for the next generation.

Friends of Heaton Moor Park

Moment of Pride

The Friends of Heaton Moor Park have worked hard to improve this historic park since 1995 – rebuilding the tennis court, adding a toddler play area and creating a woodland walk. We would be proud to support and encourage our young people and other park users by renovating the playing field.

Location: Peel Moat Road, Stockport SK4 4PH, UK