Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The playground of Whitegate End Primary school has no fixed play equipment for the children to enjoy. We would like to change this by proposing an outside gym which would feature individual pieces of equipment. The purpose of the gym would be to encourage exercise in the fresh air which would be fun, improve teamwork, fitness, stimulate mental wellbeing, deliver oxygen and Vitamin D - not to mention the sense of achievement the children will have.
The gym would be used by the children at break times and during P.E lessons. It would also be used by the afterschool clubs at Whitegate End and also by the holiday club which is used by children, not just from Whitegate End but the whole community.
Unfortunately, in the town that we live, Oldham, has a high rate of deprivation, one of the worst in the country. Oldham residents have worse health, lower life expectancy and a significantly higher percentage of overweight children than the rest of England. By providing the children of Whitegate End Primary School with daily access to gym equipment, we would like to make an impact and reverse this trend. Making exercise a part of normal daily activity, something fun and beneficial to physical and mental health.

The outside gym would consist of pieces of equipment which would enable a full body workout, this would comprise of equipment such as an Air Walker and Air Skier and a Children's Rider to get hearts pumping. While a Leg Press, Chest and Shoulder Press and a Chin Up Bar would facilitate whole body strength.

The money will make a difference by helping us to realise our dream in a much shorter time.
We have already raised £5,000 of the £10,000 needed, so we are applying for grants to raise the remaining amount. We are very mindful that some of the older children who are helping us fundraise may not be lucky enough to see the gym installed, so time is of paramount importance!
Over 200 children will benefit from this play equipment, as well as hundreds of children for years to come.
And this is why I believe that people should vote for our project, by voting for Whitegate End Primary school, you will be helping hundreds of children from a deprived area of northern England achieve a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, for many years to come.

Whitegate EndPrimary School Parents,Teachers and Friends Association

Moment of Pride

The PTFA work really hard all year round,generously giving up hours of their time to provide fundraising events for the children,including,Discos,Movie Nights and Fares. The children love our events and that is what makes me proud,seeing the enjoyment on their faces. The gym will blow their minds!

Location: Oldham