Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Llandogo Primary School has a new project that aims to put fitness at the heart of playtime. We are a very small village primary school but our ambitions for the future health and wellbeing of our pupils are not confined by our small size. This year we are fundraising to buy new outdoor climbing frame equipment to create a vital new resource for our little school. This project is all about boosting physical activity; building self-confidence and offering opportunities for social interaction and collaborative play.

We are aiming to create a series of climbing and clambering obstacles in our school’s playground, incorporating our beautiful surroundings by using natural materials. It will regenerate an area of the school grounds, previously occupied by some limited play structures, that is now bare and unused. The former equipment had become rotten and unsafe and the school had no choice but to remove them, leaving a sad and vacant spot. With no funding available the area has remained empty….. until now, we hope!

An Aviva Community Fund award would enable us to create an activity area that all pupils can access at playtime, whatever their age or ability. We want to make structures for physical exploration that combine fitness with fun. The design will include a range of different styles of climbing frame to allow the children to exercise in a way that is neither formal or intimidating. It will range from simple balance beams to more complex structures and will be suitable for both solo and collaborative play.

Some of our previous projects have focused on indoor learning spaces and equipment but more recently we have seen our focus move outdoors. We are lucky that our little school is set in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Wye Valley and we have worked hard to create outdoor learning and academic opportunities. Now, with this regeneration of the playframes area, we want to focus much more on the link between children’s physical activity with their health and wellbeing. Encouraging our children to be outside and physically active is key for both their physical and mental health. By focusing on fitness through fun, we will do more to develop this link and to ensure they thrive while at our school.

We need support to raise funds for this important aspect of school life. This equipment will provide opportunities for all aspects of physical play and be a resource for collaboration as well as individual exploration. We know it will have a massively positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our current pupils but also of those to come. It will be accessible to all 68 school pupils from age 4 to 11 - the formative years for future attitudes towards being active and healthy - setting an associative link between “fun” and “fit”. We hope to support the development of a lifelong love of physical activity as well as linking it to self-confidence.

Most of all we want our children to thrive and be happy and with your support we will be closer to achieving this at our little school.

Friends of Llandogo School

Moment of Pride

Our charity works hard to try to give children at Llandogo Primary School fun ways to develop and achieve their full potential. We feel this play area can do just that by giving pupils a vital resource for both health and wellbeing. Seeing them thriving and happy makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Location: Llandogo