Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Plymouth Pheonix Girls FC is the first club for girls only in the Plymouth area

Pheonix believe in the general health and social benefits which regular exercise and team sports offer girls and young women, delivered through the accessible, affordable, and universal language of football.

Pheonix are based in Devonport, Plymouth and train weekly at the Brickfields. Girls from all backgrounds are encouraged to join and subscriptions are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure that football is accessible to all.

Statistics from Public Health England suggest that mental health issues in girls under 14 risk reaching epidemic proportions, this is linked to feelings of self worth, negative body image, sexualisation of girls and bombardment of unrealistic female role models in music television and magazines.

Healthy Goals for Girls seeks to increase participation and share the sense of achievement that football brings with 15% more girls in 2019. The project, though small will benefit individuals and communities. Girls playing regular football will:-

=Spend less time on line
=Engage in regular physical exercise
=Develop interpersonal skills and self discipline
=Gain an understanding of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles
=Gain benefits of being part of a team
=Have access to positive female role models
=Develop aspirations which will impact on other areas of their lives
=Develop resilience and a support/friendship network
=Have fun and improve their mental and physical wellbeing

In order achieve the project aim of proactively growing Plymouth Pheonic Girls FC, without increasing costs to members, the club needs the following which its hoped can be met from this fund.

Additional coaches - we would love to train 2 additional volunteers, preferably from our older girl players to ensure that the new little kickers group can be expanded and receive appropriate ratio of coaches to girls.

Equipment - we want to constantly improve our training, making it fun to sustain girls interest and working on general fitness and strength as well as football skills - the club needs rebounders, mannequins and additional balls to ensure that high quality training sessions can be delivered.

We aim to involve as many teams and girls as possible in local leagues and footballs competitions. It is essential for the girls wellbeing that we have a travelling team shelter/gazebo to offer shade during matches along with appropriate first aid supplies. The previous hot summer presented a real challenge to the girls health,playing in hot sun for up to six hours without the shelter enjoyed by other more affluent teams.

Finally we'd like to spend a small amount on promotional materials such as leaflets and posters delivered to local schools and Children's Centres to raise awareness of the club and recruit additional players.

The difference that these items could make to our small club would be immeasurable and yet extremely affordable.

I hope that people will recognise that Plymouth Pheonix has the girls welfare and personal development at its core and proactively supports children who may not get these opportunities elsewhere. Although the club is open to all, a significant number of children are resident in areas of Plymouth which experience some form of deprivation. Although we play to win, we also ensure that everyone has a chance to play and that success is not only characterised by winning. Anyone who sees the faces of our girls as they play and train together would vote for PHEONIX.

Plymouth Pheonix Girls Football Club

Moment of Pride

Pheonic Girls FC has been run by willing volunteers since its beginnings. Mostly parents and grandparents of girls, the Pheonix family spirit is second to none. The team are from a range of backgrounds but give each of the girls 100%, encouraging them in an active hobby which is with them for life.

Location: Madden Road, Plymouth, UK