Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The ‘Going for Gold’ programme aims to provide a unique series of learning opportunities to provide our 40 registered award applicants with the time and space to achieve the award. Over 50% of the group are disadvantaged pupils with a complex special educational needs and in an over-subscribed school a new learning space in the shape of a mobile classroom will be a tremendous base for the pupils.
The pupils will be able plan alongside the staff the various aspects of the initial bronze award including physical (they will use the Centre as a sporting recreation base with table tennis and dance area available), skill (learning to play a musical instrument in our lunchtime and after school club, designing their own web page for their award achievements), volunteering (a student council led forum for working with the local care homes on an annual Xmas party) and Expedition planning for the residential camping trips.

By voting for our project you will enable our young people to be physically active, develop their inter-personal skills and help them work together towards the Gold award and grow into valued citizens we are all proud of.
St Mary’s College is an outstanding school and recently was awarded world class education status.

Going for Gold Duke of Edinburgh Inclusion Club

Moment of Pride

As the D of E manager I see first-hand the collective sense of achievement, care and support the award scheme achieves on a daily basis.

Location: Hull