Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000

Supported by: Fluidity Insurance Consultants


In 2011 we set out as a community to grow a wood, both the 10-year-long process and the end result being important in connecting people to nature and for nature itself. 25 Andover and villages schools together with a growing number of youth organisations are involved, seeing a total of 1000 children and young people contribute to the annual tree planting. Hundreds of adults – volunteers, teaching staff, youth workers, parents – offer support. The decade of tree-planting will see the community’s 12-acre ‘Harmony Woods’ become a field study and green craft centre.

‘Powering the Cabin’ aims to provide renewable energy to the off-grid volunteer base and classroom.
We are in the process of converting a shipping container and portable cabin into a facility for our volunteers, schools, visitors, community groups… for everyone in fact who would like to help look after the wood, learn there or just relax and enjoy the space. The conversion is due to start in the spring of 2019. Mains water is available but the centre will need to generate its own power. As part of the conversion, we plan to install a solar panel array on the south-facing roof, power being battery-stored.

The impact of this will be immense.
• We will have a community and office space that can run and recharge laptops and mobile phones
• We will have a teaching space that can run a projector for presentations
• The site can be used safely for evening events across the year
• We will have a outdoor performance space that will benefit from lighting and sound amplification
• We will be able to demonstrate that modern, comfortable and beautiful spaces do not need to rely on carbon fuels
• All our schools will have a fully-facilitated field study centre that showcases sustainable living on their doorstep
• All the schools that have committed to the tree planting will finally be able to use the wood that their pupils and students have created as a classroom

If we are successful, the money would guarantee that we can install the renewable energy system needed to power The Cabin.

Your support would not just buy us the equipment and skilled labour required to provide power to The Cabin, it would not just make the wood into the woodland teaching and community space we have worked for 7 years to create, it would give our tireless volunteers the acknowledgement they deserve for their commitment to the Trees United vision.

Andover Trees United

Moment of Pride

The passion and commitment of the volunteers, the support of the wider community, the schools and
teachers who have stayed with the project since its inception 7 years ago... and the children, whose joy at
planting trees, even on the coldest of days, is infectious.

Location: Andover