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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We are seeking support for our newest service, Safespace, which offers emotional support for people in mental distress during weekend evenings, when most other support services are closed.

Being able to get support when life becomes overwhelming and options seem limited without fear of being restrained or detained is what makes Safespace different. We give people time and space to talk about what's happening and find ways ahead: hope instead of despair; positive direction instead of extreme, final action.

As an organisation founded and led by people who have personal experience of mental distress, Healthy Minds has been lobbying for a crisis service for several years, with the understanding that NHS crisis services simply do not meet the needs of many people - and those people turn instead to Healthy Minds for support that we have provided despite scant resources and capacity.

The opportunity finally arose last year with the NHS identifying that crisis services must be improved, and Healthy Minds was invited to develop and host Safespace with initial funding from Dept. of Health. This was a great measure of the reputation and confidence gained by Healthy Minds and we have now established Safespace as a new and welcome addition to crisis services in Calderdale. Safespace links with the Police and emergency services, NHS mental health services and A&E so that people in distress can be channelled into the right support quickly: Safespace is easy-to-access and open to self-referral for appointments face-to-face, and by telephone, text and Facebook.

Safespace is currently available for 3 nights per week at weekends and we're seeing around 35 people a month at present. The project can see up to 8 people each night.

Initial funding for Safespace has ended and it's up to us to keep this valuable service running so that people in Calderdale have somewhere to turn, particularly at weekends when fewer services are available and support can be harder to find.

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Healthy Minds helps people find what works for them to have good mental health. Through education, support groups, activities, courses and workshops, people learn from their own and others' experience. Healthy Minds has worked with around 13,500 people since it started over 10 years ago.

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