Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are Levendale Primary School PTA and we are applying to Aviva for the chance to fund the regeneration of the wildlife garden at our school. Levendale is a one form entry school on the outskirts of the small town of Yarm, Teesside. We strive to provide a happy and secure environment to nurture the children’s skills and knowledge and seek to give experiences that enrich and stimulate learning. In recent years, due to funding cuts, the school have found it increasingly difficult to pay for extra activities that would enhance the learning experiences for the children. Levendale Primary School PTA bridge the gap through fundraising activities but we cannot fund every requirement. We have a wildlife garden which was built many years ago and we would like to improve this area to create a better haven for wildlife and engage the children in the natural world by giving them hands-on experiences.

In a time when it is increasingly important to protect our wildlife, the introduction of havens into the garden would have a positive impact on the wildlife in our area. The children currently use the garden to study habitats but we would like to introduce more areas to observe for science, environment, art and geography. It would teach the children the importance of looking after our world and to see by a few additions how much wildlife can be attracted; ideas that could then be taken home to do in their own gardens. Every year group would utilise the garden for studying different areas of the curriculum such as environmental knowledge and awareness and observation and recording.

Our Head Girl and Boy, along with their Deputies, said "we really enjoyed going to the wildlife area for learning and seeing insects and other animals in their natural habitat. If we could make the wildlife area more attractive, the education of every pupil at Levendale would benefit tremendously.”

We have also consulted with our Headteacher, teachers and pupils to understand the requirements of the garden and we have compiled the following breakdown of work required with a wildlife garden contractor.

Clean up the pond and include a solar powered aerator along with the addition of oxygenator plants and lilies, pond planting baskets and aquatic compost costing £115.00.

Provide hedgehog houses, nest and bat boxes, bughouses, bird feeding station and feeders to attract more wildlife at a cost of £140.00. To give the children a sense of ownership they will make the bug houses and bird boxes which will be included within the garden.

Provide a wildflower meadow area using wildflower turf which would attract bees, butterflies and other insects for £165.00.

To enable the children to carry out observations we would like to provide seating using timber sleepers for £40.00.

The labour cost is £540 which includes removing overhanging branches to stop debris falling in the pond and allow more light into the garden.

The project total for the works is £1,000.

Longevity and Sustainability
The project is stand-alone and, after receiving two quotations, we are confident the work can be done for £1,000. As the garden matures more wildlife will be attracted to the garden and it will last future generations with every year group benefiting from the different aspects of the garden. The design will allow for minimal maintenance by the inclusion of the innovative solar powered aerators and plants into the pond. These additions would reduce algae growth and improve water movement to reduce maintenance costs. The wildflower garden will be left to prosper and the grass will be strimmed to coincide with the school fields being cut. The project has the full support of the school community and any additional maintenance work will be carried out by volunteers.

Project Delivery
The landscape contractor has confirmed they have the resources to complete the work within two days during the Easter 2019 school holidays.

Levendale Primary School PTA

Moment of Pride

The family ethos that runs through the school is what makes us extremely proud. Every member of our school community is part of the Levendale family and is given a sense of belonging. The wildlife garden will improve the environment and bring our family together in their support of this project.

Location: Mount Leven Road, Yarm TS15 9RJ, UK